Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

A perfect sunny day, relaxing, doggie fixes for Suzie, chatting with friends and a fun Happy Hour.

Where are we today ?
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       Just another wonderful day here starting with a nice sunrise, sunshine all day long next to no wind and definitely in shorts all day long, at least for me.
another nice sunrise out our dining room window
gotta love it
        First walkabout enjoying the peaceful morning and fresh air.
sunrise across the orchard campsites
the very nice cabins they have here as well
out door pool not open yet
nice water slides into the pool
splash pad not yet open, soon though
the kids love it
couple of shuffle board courts are fun
               Then the Mini golf here is really nice and always fun for all ages.
        Back home again, our awning open to give us some shade from this hot sun. Nice that there is no wind and we can enjoy the shade. Did get to  84F (28C) so some shade was needed.
        Now to enjoy our reading time and a few walkabouts. I did some cleaning (removing bugs) and waxing on our coach between chapters, just because I could. A perfect day for it. Did not get to the fitness centre again kinda ran out of time, (where does the  day go?) but did get 3.5 miles walked according to my I-phone app.
we are enjoying this site
    After a nice light lunch of leftovers, a salmon salad for me and a salmon wrap for Suzie, sure hit the spot today.
our view from our site
        Then at 3 pm Happy hour with a few friends here. A new couple, here Ken and Kim, (blog followers we met yesterday) plus whoever shows up. Everyone invited if they want to stop by. Always fun to tell stories , flap our gums tell stories  and exchange tips. This is what Happy Hours are all about, right?
LR , Suzie. Emile, Monique, Ken, Kim and Gerry.
Me took the pic.
       Gerry brought along Tucker and Joe's dog Choco, just because he could and Suzie got 2 doggie fixes today.
Tucker got his treat 
Choco got his too
Tucker giving Suzie a dirty look because Choco got a treat
Tucker howling with Emile, so funny
         When happy hour wrapped up I made a salad, heated our Fry Daddy and deep fried the last of our Catfish fillets we brought home from the states with us.
love our Fry Daddy perfect for the 2 of us
not long and wonderful catfish fillets to go with our salads
         That was our great day outside enjoying this wonderful weather, chatting with friends and winding up the day with a tasty catfish meal. We do love our catfish !
         Now wrapping this posting up at 8 pm still 70 F (21C) out  here but cooling down quickly. Either put on long pants or head inside. Gonna head inside and call it a night. No complaints here at all.
        Thank y'all for joining us today and really hope you had great one as well.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Great look of jealousy in Tucker's expression! Catfish is a great tasty fish with the bonus of no bones - it looks good!

    1. He sure was giving Suzie the "Look". Love catfish always tasty.

  2. Another awesome day with blog readers and friends.

  3. What a great day! Lots of walkabouts, lots of sunshine and time with old and new friends. That is what it's all about!

    1. Yes Patsy it sure was a great day no complaints here.

  4. That is a beautiful park! Lots of things to keep families occupied which is nice. Happy Hour looked fun with so many friends. Beautiful weather and great looking dinner! That pic of Tucker is precious, that look on his face!!

    1. It is beautiful park ,we love it here and lots to do for the families if you choose. Happy hour was fun as usual and amazing weather as well.. Ticker is such great dog always fun with hime around.

  5. I love the look on Tucker's face. Where's mine??? I've never seen an RV park with so many amenities. What a great place!!! And now I'm probably going to have to buy a fry daddy. LOL

    1. LOL, Ticker already had his he just wants more . There is a lot of amenities here great for our home membership park, This fry Dady works great for us when we need it.


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