Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 17, 2018

A relaxing day in the sun, and our first dart night of the season

Where are we today ? 
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        After a later night last night around the campfire that we enjoyed at Brian's place along with Jane and Martin until 10 pm late for us, and was still about 79F. I remember the days when we did this until 2-3 am. We had a great sleep and actually slept in until 6 am! Wow....
what a great fire we had
Thanks Brian
lively conversation too was fun
        Today is starting off wonderful and continued all day long, sunshine and warm temps. At 7:30 am  my first walkabout, but my shorts were on right away just enjoying this sunshine and warmer weather. Did manage to get more than 3 miles walked today, better than none thats for sure.
the leaves on the trees are really coming along
       I  ran a few errands, a few more walkabouts and chatting with more people we have not seen for quite a while and we have met a few. This happens after coming here for over 13 years. We get to know a lot of people.
       It was a wonderful sunny day but a cool NW wind, out of the wind was nice. Shortly after 3 Emile and Monique dropped by for Happy Hour, then Ron came by to join us as well as  Dave (the Kite guy) joined us too.
LR: Suzie Dave, Ron, Emile, Monique
      Interesting conversations just flowed and talked about Dave's kites and he has quite a few.  His largest is 300 square feet with a 100 foot tail. Would love to see that one in the sky !
His SUV is packed with most of his kites

        Soon it was time to whip up supper just gonna grill a couple of Onion and Parsley Turkey Burgers that we love from Hayter's Turkey Farm.
these are excellent
not long on the grill, English muffins heating in the foil
            To go with the burgers I made some Broccoli Apple Salad that we enjoy, a very easy and tasty change, for the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
burger and salad did the trick tonight
      Super done, dishes done and at 6:45 down to the clubhouse for darts. Our first game of the year here. We had 4 teams and all had a good time. These dart games are for fun and yes we have fun. Cost $3:00 per person to have a couple hours of fun, Suzie and I were on different teams. My team won 5 out of 6 games so everyone on our team won $3:00. Suzie's team lost all their games 😞, just never know she usually wins and me loose. No matter we had some social time and lotsa fun.
Suzie there  Glen keeping score
some nice laid back fun
        Darts were done by 8:45pm and we headed home. Wow it go much colder 52 F now. A big change from last night and earlier today.
        There ya go a very nice relaxing day again. Thanks for taking the time to drop on by.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. With the looks of the evening fire I expected 'tube steaks' instead of burgers. Darts looks like a fun way to have a social evening.


    1. Tube steal would have been nice but we just finished dinner, Dart nights here are fun social evenings.

  2. Looks like another great day was had by all.
    Nice to see some familiar faces, well, Ron today. :)
    Great looking campfire and fun darts too.

    1. It was a wonderful day, nice and sunny, and some wonderful social time as well.

  3. 10 PM? That is pretty late for you, but if you stayed out much later, you might have turned into a pumpkin! ;c)

    1. Yes it is later than normal, but we survived.
      Don't want to be a pumpkin, lol..

  4. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with darts, but it always look like fun. Nice fire!!!

    1. Darts are fun if you can play with other people who are out just for fun as well.

  5. The fire looks awesome, I know we love having one any time we can! What a beautiful day and a great day to end it with darts! I know you guys love to play so how fun! Dinner looks great too, will have to try your salad :)

    1. The fire was wonderful on a perfect night. The darts are fun when we get a chance to play with this group.
      The salad is very tasty we always enjoy it.


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