Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Pinery Flea market, Grand bend, visitors and doggie fixes makes for a great day

Where are we today ?
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              Here we are again enjoying some very nice warm weather. Windows and vents open last night was a great night for sleeping. First walkabout this morning was comfortably warm good for shorts. And fresh air, no sunrise to view just slightly overcast. Watching a lot pf people pack up to head out, their weekend camping is over now. The Square Dancing Group was leaving the Orchard camping as well , so a large exodus that usually happens on a Sunday.
            Shortly after 9 am we are ready to head to Grand Bend to the Pinery Flea market In Grand Bend. Today is the opening day for the summer season, plus added is a lot of yard sale people as well. A wonderful flea market that we love to wander about and have done for the last 40 years when in the area. Watching it grow and expand.
heading towards Thedford then Grand Bend about 20 minutes away
lots of wind turbines on the way
this be the place
      Lots of regular vendors have been here for years and also a lot of new ones, always something to see and maybe something to buy if you are so inclined, whether it be breakfast, lunch , candies books, burgers, fries, pizza, coffee, books, meat, veggies, trinkets, signs, you name it they pretty well have it all in a wonderful forest setting close to the beaches and campgrounds here on Lake Huron, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world.
some deals to be had here
love this beautifully restored International
remember these?
      It was pretty busy for opening day but we were early as time went by the crowds increased, we saw what we wanted chatted with a few vendors , got a deal on 3 BBQ brushes, then made our departure before the crowds really arrived.
hot tubs
my favorite pepperette guy, extra hot for me
electric bikes and scooters
yard sale vendors
     The food court is always pretty busy as well.
food court
kids love this Model T
mini donuts freshly made right here
        We out here by 10:30 and head into town, stopped at the No Frills grocery store for a couple of things then cruised down the Main drag of Grand bend.
this be the place
     Grand bend is a beach place for the young people to wander about and party, I know I did that some 40 odd years ago, still brings back memories, But not quite the same, things have changed (as they do) more commercial and more up scale but is still Grand Bend!  The Beach !
pretty quiet now, really hopping in the hot summer weekends
fishing boats in the channel
fishing pier and light house
walkway along the beach
wonderful soft beach sand here
the beach has not yet been cleaned up from the winter storms
soon will be packed
piles of driftwood on the beach
this new condo and restaurant will soon be completed
       Back up the main drag and down the other side of the channel lots of large sailboats and very expensive homes being built here.
      That was our fun morning then back home to Rock Glen for lunch and a few more walkabouts again almost 4 miles walked today, feeling wonderful. Love this app on my I-phone tracks my steps for me every day, cool..
playgrounds here
lots of rental cabins
another playground
        I got back home and Walt, Barb and Maya stopped in for a visit and Suzie got her first doggie fix of the day with Maya. Walt installed the new flooring in our coach last summer here, what a super couple they are.
Maya is such a wonderful friendly dog
her BIG Dog trick
loves her treats as most dogs do
another play area for a birthday party today
      Then we relaxed for a while enjoying our e-readers in the sun, very nice but a cool north wind, we found a spot behind our coach that was comfortable.  Then Gerry and Tucker dropped over to enjoy "Happy Hour" with us. Suzie got another doggie fix and of course Tucker got a treat too, We do keep doggie treats on hand , you just never know.
Good Dog Tucker
running with his new toy
      Soon time for supper, tonight grilling a nice salmon fillet on our Weber Q to go with our salad.
not too long done to perfection
oh yeah we done 
this sure did the trick tonight,
and of course some leftover salmon
        We had a very enjoyable day visiting the market touring the country side, company , enjoying our reading, doggie fixes for Suzie and a very tasty supper.
       Thanks for stopping by hope your Sunday was a good one as well.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Isn't it nice when Sunday comes and many campers have to leave and you are able to stay because you full-time in your rv. Man, that salmon looked really good!!

    1. Yes it sure his love this retirement and full-time lifestyle.
      The salmon was very tasty.

  2. Those veggies sure looked good, I love those places but we don't have to many around here and one opened this weekend but I am not walking around in 102 F thank you =(

    1. The veggies are nice here too. and nice get out , not very often we get to 102F here. Time for you to head north JO.

  3. What a great flea market! It must be a "back East" thing. There's a few out here, but they are far far away. Looks like fun!! I'm glad your salmon turned out better than mine!! LOL

    1. It is a wonderful flea market, we have a few nice ones around here that are quite nice that we check out in the areas. Our salmon was wonderful thanks. Too bad your's did not turn out for you.

  4. Wow! That merket is huge. What a busy fun filled day, finished with a delicious dinner.

    1. It is a huge market in the bush a very nice setting.
      Our day was fun and wound up very nicely to, dinner tasty as well.

  5. That flea market would have been of some interest to me too. The beaches must be busy in the summer for sure, they looks gorgeous. George, when do you guys actually eat all those leftovers? You keep cooking new dishes every day. ;-)

    1. The flea market us wonderful and the beaches are packed in the summer all along the east coast of Lake Huron.The leftovers go for out light lunches usually, No processed meats, good for sandwiches, wraps,our just some meat to go with fruits, vegetables or salads. Not usually a lot of leftovers just enough for different lunches.

  6. Glad to see our Pepperette guy is still at the Pinery market. We expect to be pulling into Rock Glen in a month. If you think of it, amigo, the next time you're at the flea market, can you pick me up a package of the extra hots, too? Gracias.

    1. I can but not sure when we will be back here it could be quite a while we have a busy summer ahead of us.


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