Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Relocating for a day or so.Rain , sun ,rain whatever. Then a fun time with family.

Where are we today ? 
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       A bit of rain overnight and early morning, But after coffees and computing it stopped and I got a few nice walkabouts this busy campground for the Victoria Day (May 24) Long weekend. The official beginning of the camping and cottage season here.  AND tomorrow is officially my birthday, ya hoo made it another year. And like every year in the past most of Canada gets to enjoy a long weekend for my birthday, (along with Queen Victoria), but at least I am still alive to enjoy it.
campground pretty quiet at 7 am, but getting full
              We secured the coach, jacks up and car in tow headed on out at 9 am. taking the back country roads to New Hamburg (Suzie's brother's and SIL's place) to park our coach for a day or so. Thanks Dennis and Sandy. No traffic along these roads at all.
       Got here about 11 am set up, had a quick lunch then dropped Suzie off to visit with her Dad, while I ran a few errands around new Hamburg. Picked her up and back home shortly after 2 pm to relax for a while. Then I whipped up my Apple Broccoli salad (you have seen the recipe the last couple of nights on my blog) to take to daughter number one's place tomorrow to share with the family, party time there.
wonderful country drives,
the way we like to travel
a few nice horse ranches along the way as well
this ranch is for sale,
wanna buy it ?
we had dry  roads for a while and some rain
a bit of rain too
       While shopping in New Hamburg I stopped by the water wheel  right beside the river and small waterfalls,
lovely water wheel here in town
the falls over the dam
fishing in the river and stepping stones to cross it
We parked here for a couple of days
a very nice place they have with lots of tall trees
           We were invited here for supper with Dennis and Sandy. They have some tasty smoked pork chops for me to cook, so I whipped a tasty salad and Sandy made some mashed taters and veggies to go with it.  Yup we had a very tasty meal.
love these smoked chops on the grill
and yes they have a Weber Q.
salad , mashed taters, veggies and salad  sure did the trick
then Sandy offered us a very tasty looking (almost ) homemade
pumpkin pie for desert, gotta give it a try
yummy, thanks guys for a wonderful dinner!
      Now that was our fun day almost, 7 pm time to head on home and call to a night soon. looks like we have a couple of busy days in our forecast .
        Thanks again for taking the time to stop in and check us out.
a nice travel day on the back roads, perfect
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Happy Birthday one day early!! So glad most everyone gets a holiday for your special nice of you!!!🙂.
    What a nice drive...we like those kind ourselves!! Nice place to park the rig for a few days too!!

    1. Thanks guys, I like the idea of celebrating my birthday on a long weekend, moire fin that way when everyone else is off too.
      So very nice back country roads around here that we enjoy , never much traffic.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Loree we will have fun here again, celebrating my birthday !!

  3. Glad to see your wheels moved after sitting for 3 weeks and you found a spot for a couple of nights for your birthday. Enjoy the celebration!

    1. It was nice to get out on the road again moving on down the road again
      Thanks Patsy will do.

  4. Happy Birthday George have a awesome day !

  5. Happy Happy Birthday George!! Great looking dinner! I have some of those chops in the freezer gonna have to get Ken to cook them up soon!!

  6. The longer you make your birthday last, the better!! Have a good one!!

  7. Happy Birthday George! Hard to do something special when every day is special but enjoy your day! - Croft & Norma

    1. Thats right guys every day is a bonus, this one even better with all the family.

  8. Happy birthday George! May you enjoy many more awesome years.

  9. Have a great Birthday George! Cheers!


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