Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Reheat leftover pizza and sorting through past pictures.

Where are we today ? 
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      We had rain over night and still much cooler than we like. But did get a nice short walkabout first thing this morning and few more  during the day. Not much more than  one mile done today, do not enjoy this cool weather at all.
      Nothing on the agenda, no food supplies needed and no where we wanted to go. So just hang out chatted with a few people , Then home to whip up a light lunch. Today 2 left over pizza slices, re heated and the best way to reheat pizza is in a frying pan, Lid on and you will enjoy this just like it was freshly made.
one slice of pizza each warm up perfectly
      Then because of this not great weather I decided  to go through some of our back up pictures that I put on dvds for the last 11 years. Now looking at over 100K pictures a year this takes a while  but did enjoy looking at some and brought a few back down  to my computer to go over and at some point will share with you. So many memories of things we have done.
       Finally just after 2 pm the sun came out and warmed this place our, oh feel's so good !
This is more like it !
    Another walkabout people outside, kids in the playground. This is camping weather!
the kids are inside the tires
Back home and Suzie outside chatting with Gerry in the warm sun
Melinda dropped by to get Gerry he is needed somewhere
a prefect afternoon to enjoy our e-readers in the warm sun
        Gerry did come back with Tucker and Choco ( he dog sitting Choco for Joe).
   A nice Happy jour today just the 3 of us and 2 dogs, (doggie fixes for Suzie) this works for us!
       These dogs just know Suzie will spoil them and she did. Treats as usual.
Tucker is on his chair
Choco on Gerry's lap
        Soon time to begin supper. I preheated our Weber Q, made a salad, put a nice rub on a bone in chicken breast then on our Weber q until done perfectly.
about 20/30 minutes and done
so tasty and moist
oh yeah this was good and just enough
for the 2 of us
       Not gonna sit outside tonight not when it is in the low 50's F and in the shade.
       So inside for the night get comfy and cozy finish this posting and hope for warmer weather soon!
       Thanks for taking the time to stop on by and check us out. I just know summer will soon be here and warmer temps. For all of us.
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Where have we been this summer?


  1. Choco has that same hurt, being ignored, look Tucker had the other day - those two sure know Suzi! Thanks for you professional tip on warming up pizza, I'm a 'nuke-it' sort, but willing to learn and give it a test tomorrow.

    1. Yes Choco does. but they both know Suzie well. Warming pizza in the fry pan takes a bit longer but still retains a fresh made pizza tae and not soggy

  2. Great tip for warming up left over pizza, I will have to try that next time. It is always nice to look back at pics and reflect on the places you have been as well as the people you have met.

    1. Like I said to Jeff is taken bit longer butI thing it tastes much better reheated that way. So many people we have met and places we have been.

  3. Pizza looked really good and I didn't know about how to warm it up.

    1. The Pizza was wonderful warm it like this works great.

  4. Our day warmed up pretty good after noon hour, especially in the sun.
    Looks like a nice day you had regardless and going through old pictures are always a hoot.

    1. Yes it was wonderful in the sun here loved it!
      Old pictures are always fun.

  5. Please tell Suzie Happy Mother's Day from us. Looks like a nice day even though the temps weren't quite where you want them to be. Soon. Next time I'm going to try reheating pizza that way for sure! Happy Hour is good no matter who's there! I love going through old pics, can't wait to see some of yours!

    1. Thanks will pass that on. It ended up a wonderful day and happy hours are always fun. however they evolve.
      It will be a While before the old pics just sorting through some now. It is a long process.

  6. Only way to heat pizza. Does Susie give out people treats too???

    1. It is the only way works wonderful. Suzie does doggie treats.
      I do the people treats


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