Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Mennonite Relief sale day 2, all about food, people, quilts and Auctions

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
    A nice quiet sleep here after a later night than usual and slept in until 5:30 this morning. By 6 am the cars were rolling in and filling the fairgrounds . Every thing here starts early and finishes early.
still pretty quiet at 6 am
pancake and sausage breakfast underway early as usually
     Before there was a line up at 7 am, I stopped in to pick up a 1/2 dozen  Tea Balls (not Tballs I made a bobo yesterday)
no line ups right now
here they are
this be a Tea Ball
     Then I saw the guys getting ready to Bbq the Chicken legs on this huge charcoal BBQ
chicken ready for the BBQ, love their chicken
then they making Apple fritters right here
no we did not buy any
by 8 am parking is getting full
     Then Suzie and I head down for her favourite Pork on a Bun. Nicely BBQ'd actually pea meal bacon on the grill with BBQ sauce, yummy? Yup
a nice way to start the day  
    Then we walked and checked out things, people watched and just enjoyed this wonderful warm sunny day, Glad we wore light clothes , shorts, t-shirts and hats did get or 89F (31C), no matter to me I love this weather.
no time for ice cream today, but is excellent
we have had it in the past
ice cream machine 
   They have so many different foods here now way could we sample them all.
        Now into the arena to check out a few of the 211 quilts they have here donated for the auction.

     Suzie checked out a whole bunch of them, Then we took off a cruzed a bit more, so much to see here, and food to eat !
lots of amazing quilts
hundreds of fresh Strawberry pies made right here
displaying the quilts for the auction
then some quilts here outside  from the thift store
      Now to another area where the Hispanic and Korean Mennonites have their specialties Past Erb Transports old truck , they do a lot for there relief sale here, Refrigerated trucks to name one thing.
I enjoyed single Empanada very tasty 
      A very long lineup for the spring rolls, made right here we have tried but don;t like them enough to stand in a long line for an hour or more.
2 groups making spring rolls here
nice that they have free water stations every where here
very long line for spring rolls
      Then we ran into Suzie's Aunt and Uncle again and they had a couple of Ham bones that they saved from the Easter Dinner we missed. They know I like the bones to make soup so they saved them for me , Thanks so much Earlus and Delores. Will  be making some ham bean soup as soon as I can.
Back to put the bones in the freezer and noticed the parking is pretty full,
glad we don't need to get out
     Checking out the donut project and noticed Suzie's cousin Tim was frying some donuts.
Tim doing a great job with the donuts
glazing the donuts
fresh Kettle corn made right here smells wonderful
this quartet signing up a storm 
       Time for a bite for lunch Suzie wanted a sausage on a bun, Me being the runner took care of that, she is watching the quilt sale.
very tasty farmers sausage and fries
Suzie wanted a piece of strawberry pie so I did my duty
and grabbed a couple of pieces yummy ?Yes.
a selfie, Me, Suzie and aunt Delores
this small quilt sold  for $5,000.00
this be the Feature quilt sold for $6,600.00
all great fundraisers
more great entertainers
         Just after  12  noon  lots of the food vendors are sold out and shutting down.
pretty quiet here now
     Back home we relaxing in the shade enjoyed our e-readers.
another new page turner for me
    About 2 pm I went back to check out what was left . I picked up some BBQ'd chicken legs 1/2 price 2 bucks each so ordered 6 they gave me a bonus 7 love the deals , they just want to wrap it up.
tents coming down quickly
     By 6 pm all was cleaned up like nobody was here, amazing !
we got more dust here in one day than we did in the desert in 2 weeks
     Suzie's Dad was still here so we had him over for supper, reheat some chicken legs and a salad did the trick tonight.
Nice to have Suzie's Dad here for supper with us
               That was our busy fun day wrapping up his sale once again. Finishing this posting at 9:30 pm still outside and 71F (21C) more of this wonderful weather we love. I did get 5.5 miles (8.8kms) walked today, working of all that food we ate.
             This sale is every year the last Friday night and Saturday morning in May every year, And you can camp/park here for free if you are in the area.
          Thanks for dropping on by and  checking us out.
 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
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  1. What lines for food WOW it must be some really good stuff. But amazing how they got it all cleaned up and neat as a pin.

    1. Yes very long lines that why I go earlier or later for some of is tasty food.. Everyone pulls together to get things packed up and put away

  2. Sure looked like a great day.
    Wonderful weather and yummy food!

    1. It was an amazing fun day all the way around thanks.

  3. We'll have to mark our calendar for another year to join you at the Quilt Auction. Looks like a great time.
    I can't imagine paying prices like that for quilts, nice to see the money raised though.

    1. It is an interesting event to check out. We enjoy it.
      The money paid for the quilts can be a tax deduction making it worthwhile of many people.

  4. Looks like a big time event with about everything you could expect for food. I was surprised that there are Asian and Hispanic Mennonites.

    1. There is lots food and well as Russian Mennonites here too,missed their food both picture.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. My wife was there yesterday and brought home one of them strawberry pies. Really good!
    Thanks for pics George, now I can see what she saw.

    1. There pies are delicious, we just had a piece, enough of a treat for us.
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures, your wife did not see us their , LOL....

  7. Oh my gosh!! The FOOD!!! It all looked amazing!!! And those quilts!! The prices were over the moon on the auction items. I'm curious where the money goes. This is one I've never heard of before.

    1. The food was all excellent, And the quilts amazing. Money Raised goes to the Mennonite Central Committee for disaster relief around the world.

  8. What a wonderful couple of days! All that food is making me hungry! Love the quilts so beautiful! Great pic of Suzie and her dad! How nice that it gets cleaned up and put away so quickly.

    1. We always enjoy this weekend especially when we can camp here. We over did the food but it's only once a year. Her Dad enjoys it when we camp here. a place for him to get away for a bit and relax. Keeps us ion the loop of things.

  9. All the food! My daughter quilts, it's a lot of work that goes into a handmade quilt! Sure takes a team effort to set it all up and tear it down again.

    1. Yes lotsa food and quilts. Quilts are a lot of work, especially when all hand stitched and had quilted as a lot of these are.Suzie made one years ago for daughter number 2 and is slowly working on another all hand stitched.

  10. We are camped at the Haiti Relief weekend here in Shipshewannà, IN. Same thing with the Amash/Minnonite. Food and auction but here a lot of donated hand made furniture and only a few quilts. But the food, oh my. Are way too much.

    1. That would be nice one to attend as well, they actually had lots of donated handmade things here for auctioning as well. Mostly Friday night and Saturday pursued at 10 am.
      And of course the food is wonderful.

  11. Wow, I never knew there was so much food there. I would love to try all those you featured. Kelly

    1. So many types of great food maybe a trip next year with your coach free camping ..


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