Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A wonderful relaxing Father's Day. A great memories..

Where are we today ?
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          Wishing a Happy Father's day to all those amazing Father's out there and remembering all the great times and memories we have had together. Missing my Father and Grandfather that both raised me and my sister  Louise.
My Father Tom and Grandfather George
     And still enjoying some great times with Suzie's Father whom I have known now for 27 years and Suzie a couple of years longer.
Suzie's Dad Levi
       We left Rock Glen Resort yesterday morning just in time to miss the major storm that came through the park, lots of trees down and a few vehicles damaged but thankfully no one was hurt.This is just one of many pictures that were posted from friends on facebook  that are in the park.
Rock Glen Storm 2017
     Pretty quiet night here last night, no rain or winds just peacefulness. Whats not to love about that?
      Got a few walkabouts town early this morning then about 10 am I hopped on the Ferris mower her to finish up cutting the rest of the 5  acres here. 80 minutes later done in time for a light lunch just before the skies began to drizzle.

looking good now
      Nice walkabout down the road by the Nith River, love this area so quiet and relaxing..  
        After lunch we made trip to New Hamburg, Suzie gonna visit her Dad, But he is always busy and not home (that's a good thing) So we carried on to pick up a few groceries, stopped by her brothers to gather our mail and home again by 2:30 pm.
        Now to enjoy reading in the shade for a while is perfect.
       Tonight we doong pork ribs on our Weber Q, For the recipe you can click here or my recipe blog top right side bar. When I pick up ribs on sale we like to stock up a bit (if we have the freezer space) I serve it by the portion like in my restaurant. This meal of pork ribs was less than $2.00 a portion , makes them very affordable for a meal that we love. Not many people don't like BBQ'd ribs.
in the pan  spiced with sauerkraut
        Then to glaze them on our grill mat and grill some fresh asparagus for a few minutes.
done to perfection
have it all right here, ribs, sauerkraut, asparagus and a healthy fresh made
salad none of that fast food junk for us very often.
At least we know what we are eating.
     That was our wonderful warm sunny day here at camp awesome. So far have heard from one of my 3 children may or may not hear from the others, (but to it still early) not a problem they all busy with families of their own and I can appreciate that, been there done that.
       Hope y'all had a wonderful Father's day and enjoy some great weather as well.
       Thanks for taking the time to stop on by.
   PS :  Just after I posted this the skies opened up with a very heavy rain fall. Just enjoying this on a warm evening under our awning with no wind. Love a nice warm spring rain !
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. With all the rain we have been having everything is a beautiful green here and looks like you are experiencing the same. Enjoy the quiet.

    1. It was a perfect day and the quiet is wonderful too.

  2. A relaxing and ideal day. And memories of fathers days past no doubt. We had a similar day.

    1. And ideal day it was and enjoying some great memories as well.

  3. Sounds like a great Father's Day, too bad you missed Levi but he must be out enjoying the day too!

    1. It was great day and did get later messages from the ret of the kids. Levi was visiting with granddaughter and the great grands.

  4. glad that storm missed you guys. You might have been blown to Oz. Enjoy the peace and quiet in Platteville.

    1. We glad we missed it as well, peaceful here is wonderful.


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