Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 12, 2017

A wonderful hot spring day, under a shade tree, with my honey, a good book and cool breezes.

Where are we today ?
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       Another wonderful night, with our windows wide open and the fantastic fan, creating a cool breeze across our bed. This is the weather that we both enjoy.
      Again up early as usual and temps about 70 f at 6 am gotta love it. So out and about for a few walkabouts before it gets to warm and humid.  I had thought about waxing our coach today, but quickly decided that maybe too hot for that kind of stuff.
     So I ran a few errands and before noon was in the high 80's f. We enjoyed a nice light lunch and more outside reading in the shade with a lovely nice breeze to keep us cool and refreshed.
a few bunnies hopping around here to keep us company 
           Enjoying this very warm weather just moving around in the shade  enjoying our e-readers is something we have no problem with. Drinking  lots of water  especially with the temp up to 94F  (34C) but with the humidity feels like 103F (39C). No problem we know how to adjust to this weather quite easily. I went for a nice refreshing hot shower and now feel so relaxed and cool again.
we have shady spots here to enjoy this weather 
Walt's Dog Maya stopped by to say high to Suzie
even sits on her lap
the view we have from our shady spot
     Read for a while longer and Tucker came by for a Suzie fix..
       Then Gerry and Melinda joined us in the shade to discuss this winter. He wants me to tow their trailer south this winter and he will tow our car ! But we are leaving at different times and probably going to different places. Sorry Gerry.
what a wonderful afternoon
        Soon time for supper, so I preheat out Weber Q, whipped up a salad and grilled a couple of Pacific Salmon fillets for supper.
salmon on our Q 
Sure hit the spot
      We were invited over to George and Roseanne's for a campfire after supper, so off we went and enjoyed the ambience and great conversation for a while. Always nice to chat with these guys and share tips and stories especially around a nice campfire on a warm evening.
what a fun time and a great night for a fire
        Back home to finish this posting and enjoy another nice sunset here.
not like the southwest with all the trees in the way
but still wonderful
      Now that was a great very warm, day we enjoyed, no major efforts to work up a sweat but that was just fine, nothing quite like enjoying a good book in the shade with a cool summer breeze.
      Thanks for joining us today and hope your weather was pretty good as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Crikey ...... you sure had a good day but you should have had bunny for supper. I could help you with that if I were there. AND I'd sure like to sit on Suzie's lap.

    1. We have not had bunny for supper for a very long time, too fast for me anymore , but I and sure you could catch em, Charlie. I think you might be a too large for Suzie's lap. Put she would love to pet you.

  2. What a great day. Can't ask for anything more than a great day, your honey and a good book!

  3. It's summer time and looks like you're taking advantage of the nice weather.

  4. Love these Canadian summer days! We are getting some great weather out west as well.

    1. WE sure do love these day, amazing. Glad you having some great weather as well.

  5. Your salmon looked delicious!

    Why isn't Gerry able to tow his own trailer down south?

    1. The salmon was wonderful.
      Oh he can tow it, just not fast enough for him in the mountains. He has not learned to slow down yet and enjoy the scenery.


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