Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 05, 2017

Cooler, cloudy but got things done and enjoyed the sunshine when it came out.

Where are we today ?
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       What are we doing here! Cooler today only got to 65f (18C) mostly overcast with a NW wind. But we did find spots out of the wind and a few sunny places to sit. Bonus, no rain !
       Got a few nice early morning walkabouts done after breaky and a pot of coffee, Not a bad day at all, cooler than we would like but heck, we can so do it !
         Just after 9 am Suzie sorted the laundry and I took it to town  to whip up a few loads, quick and easy here and get to read my e-book while the machines do all the work. Home by 11 am mostly folded and she puts it all away what a team. Nice! Another light lunch sure hit the spot before noon, all is good here.
       Then outside to enjoy almost warm weather., and we are good.
first doggie fix today from Simon as they walked by 
nice and quiet here now
         A   pretty nice day and so quiet after the "week enders" are gone. Camping is so different now that we are retired. We used to look forward to the weekend now we look forward to Monday.
Across from our Site Canadian flag giving us the wind direction 
       By 3  pm I wrapped up some pork ribs with sauerkraut t simmer on our Weber Q for a couple hours on low. For the recipe click HERE . Or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
ribs in the kraut with spices
          While the ribs are cooking Tucker stopped by with Gerry to say high and Suzie got another doggie fix.
Tucker shake a paw and get a treat.,good dog !
Monique stopped by to chat a bit too
Suzie playing with Tucker
Of course Walts dog (Mia) had to stop by and say hi too.
Melinda stopped by after her long work day on her way home 
       After the ribs done in the kraut they go on the grill mat slathered with BBQ sauce to caramelize them and they will be fall off then bone tender, Grill some fresh asparagus to go with our salad and will be wonderful.
finish the ribs on the grill mat and grill the asparagus for a few minutes
oh my what a tasty supper
and another doggie fix with Tucker
     Heck  even cooler and overcast a bit we still had a wondefulr spring day here. Outside as much as possible, enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and walkabouts. Almost 8 pm and getting chilly time to head in inside very soon.
      Hope your day was wonderful as well and thanks for taking the time to stop on by.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Glad you could enjoy this sunny weather and Suzie got plenty of Doggie Fixes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are really enjoying this weather most days here are wonderful, no complaints.

  2. We are like you...we like when the hoover comes in on Sunday and sucks the campers out and Monday rolls around quiet and peaceful. I believe it is raining all over...ready for a few days of sunshine.

    1. Not raining much here just not a lot of sunshine.but really not too bad at all.

  3. We didn't get any rain yesterday except for the wee early hours of the morning before we rose. Looks like we are in for some summer weather now. Yay!

  4. You certainly do look like you're trying to keep warm with all that heavy gear on. That's not how summer is supposed to be. However, some days it rains and days it shines. Enjoy them all.

    1. Not summer yet but going to be up to 90 F this weekend, as long as we can be outside all is good.


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