Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Relocating to Plattsville to get stuff done and enjoying this weather.

Where are we today ?
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       What a wonderful morning to start our day. Warm overnight and a nice warm morning as well, Gotta get a few walkabouts while Suzie does her stuff has a shower and I can dump our sewage, refill our fresh water tanks, store your satellite dish then we soon be in the road again.
      We have been here 3 weeks just cause we can, the free camping with full hookups with our membership allows that. Off season. But longer than we like to sit in one spot (have that hitch itch ya know still even after 11 years years full-time) , so off we go this morning.
      Later than usual but only a 90 minute drive. left about 10 am and here in Plattsville by 11:30, nice back country paved roads that we have travelled many times. Stop in at the GoCo by Stratford to top up our  propane, $.62.9 a litre only $25.00  to top us up after a month on propane most the time except our AC and microwave.
Wildwood conservation area lake
love these road no traffic and nice scenery
          Pulled into "Camp Awesome" (John's place) Mowed bit of lawn where we park, and got setup . Light tasty lunch about noon, the I hopped on he mower to clean up a bit more of the 5 cares here,  But 2 pm we had clouds, wind and rain. No rush can do more on another day.
that's us back there,
so peaceful here
         After a while the rain stopped so I set up our satellite dish and our Weber Q.
no more rain so we can enjoy a very warm afternoon in the shade
me, Suzie enjoying our e-readers
        Then time for our quiet Happy hour before firing up our Weber Q to grill an Onion and Parsley Turkey Burger for Suzie and a Chirozo Burger for me, ( I made few a Burgers from the fresh Chirozo I picked up from the butcher in Ajo Arizona), oh so spicy and tasty !  Then grilled some fresh asparagus just cause we can . Love asparagus.
quick and easy on our Weber Q
a bit more coleslaw from the other day sure did the trick.
        Still enjoyed a wonderful mild quiet evening here, no rain wind or noise other than a few birds chirping, just the way we love it.
         Thanks for stopping by again and hope your weather was wonderful as well
         PS; Now this was originally posted at 7 pm and we still outside enjoying this weather. me thinking we still have couple more hours of sunshine and lots more grass that I can mow. Don't want to read or watch tv for the next few hours so I hoped back on the mower for another hour. Much better now , maybe an hour of mowing left to do when the weather works for us.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. We always enjoy the pace of driving the back country roads when we can. Another perk of being retired do not have to get anywhere at 80 miles an hour anymore. Enjoy your time in that quiet lovely place.

    1. Never being in a hurry makes life pretty stress free, we will enjoy the quiet times here while we can.

  2. Replies
    1. Guess it hit everyone but us, hope no damage there.

  3. We use 4 Lippert Slide Slickers which can be purchased at Amazon for about $43 each. They show them on carpet, but we use them on wood and they work great. Hope this helps!

  4. Looks like you got back just in time as the grass looks pretty high.

    1. We did . missed the storm and the lawn was due for a good mowing again. He was going to do it today but I beat him to it !

  5. The rains came steady after 6:30 through the rest of the evening until storm warnings passed at 9:30. My window was open all night, nice breeze until a spatter of rain at 7:30 this morning. Nice that you made it back to Camp Awesome safe and sound.

    1. We got real lucky here with the wind and rain, beautiful mostly sunny warm day.

  6. I think maybe one day you'll get all this lawn mowing out of your system. ;c)

    1. It went away a long time ago, but if this is all it takes to to get a free quiet campsite I will do it as long as I can.
      No stress and no heavy labor, not a problem here.


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