Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Just more great weather here to enjoy and we did.

Where are we today ?
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       Just another amazing day here in Southern Ontario. About 74f overnight and loving it, windows open, Fantastic fan going and a nice breeze across our bed. So refreshing . It was so nice I slept until 6 am ! wow, that is amazing.
       A couple of early walkabouts the park checking out the Canada Geese family that wander, litter the park and don't stoop an scoup ! Think they can be trained? They do make a mess.
        Just after 9 am made trip to Strathroy for some food supplies and our "Near Beer" on sale got a good supply of that. Then Home for a tasty light lunch with Suzie.
        Now with this much milder weather that we can still enjoy outside only got to 85 F (29C) today , partially overcast and a nice light breeze it was quite comfortable all day long.
        Got some very relaxing reading done on my e-reader. Really getting into these books by Robert Crais.. Love the series and now have read most of them with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike. always fun and they manage to get into some interesting situations, always a page turner.
can't stop reading his books
        Then I made a quick trip to Kettle Point and the reservation to pick up some pickerel and perch. plus fuel our car with cheaper fuel .97.9 cents a litre always 10 cents a litre cheaper than anywhere else.
          We have a nice shady spot behind our coach a perfect place to relax in the shade with alight breeze.
we loving it here
       A bit later Happy Hour evolved, Tucker came over for a Suzie fix, and maybe even a treat.
right on here knee for a rub
Paul , Suzie, Gerry, Tucker under the table
Tucker waiting for a treat on Suzie's knee
such a good dog
        Soon time for Supper, I whipped up our salad, preheat our Weber Q 100 to grill a couple of bone in centre cut Frenched pork chops that I picked up on sale today 1/2 price. Can't turn down a deal like that.
these were huge 
the chops were amazing and of course we will have leftovers
        Not a bad day at all and hope for more in the coming summer.
        Thanks for taking a peek again and hope you had a wonderful day as well
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Send a little of that nice weather west. We need it.

  2. Reading your blog it sounds like you and Suzie are truly having some wonderful relaxing times. Always nice to be able to relax and let the days unfold in their own way.

    1. That is exactly what we enjoy about this lifestyle, doing what we like and enjoying this great weather in various places.

  3. Nice to see Gerry and Tucker and even Melinda in a picture the other day. Always great to enjoy the outdoors with this nice weather.

    1. They stop by when they have a chance somedays, Melinda always pretty busy most days.


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