Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A fun day with friends had a nice drive, and a great supper,

Where are we today ?
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     What a great night sleep  as usual, windows wide open and I actually woke this morning before the rooster here ! Bonus.
      Got some nice walkabouts their 25 acres here and checking out their pets!
this 22 year old friendly horse they have
wonderful large garden is impressive
tree lined laneway
on their rear deck for morning coffees
then I took drive around the block here
beautiful countryside
moo !!!!
Ginseng  every where around here
       Then after lunch we hopped in the car heading a few minutes down the road to Turkey Point and a drive along the north shore of Lake Erie for a bit, Has been 20 years since we have been here.
A drive to Turkey Point and we check  out there area
some nice beach areas to check out along the shore
Then headed west along the shore to Booth's Harbor, a hidden Gem with hundreds of small boats docked here very unique.
Booth's Harbor 
Coast Guard
    Then we back home greeted by Chris's dogs, while they were swing a section of the yard.
dogs welcomed us home
they have 2 riding mowers, gets the job done much quicker
oops Bill forgot to duck under a tree branch
27 bee hives help pollinate the gardens here
lots of honey bees at the hives back here
then we walked about the property for a bit down by the sand pit
nice pine forest too
the chickens keep them in eggs
      After Happy hour time for supper, tonight I am going to whip up a salad and pan fry a point each of Perch and Pickerel that we all enjoy.
asparagus on the grill
fish fry for supper, perch pickerel, asparagus and a salad
sure was wonderful
lotsa good fish here
this was yummy
   What a fun day visiting friends and touring the area we have not been to for many years.
    Wrapped up with tasty meal and wonderful conversations with our friends. Even some very decent weather as well, until the reinstated after 8 o'clock then time to head in anyway.
     Glad that you stopped by to say HI and hope your day was an a wonderful as ours was.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Must have been 40 years since I was down to the lake. Nice country.

    1. It is very nice country and not over populated or too busy.

  2. Looks like a fine place to visit.

    1. We have enjoyed this area many times lots to see.

  3. Your friends have a lovely place and you enjoyed a great meal together too!

  4. Those tree branches can be quite vicious! ;c)

    1. Yes they are, good thing it did not hit him in the eyes!

  5. You certainly have a lot of nice places to stay and to visit on your northern adventures.

    1. We enjoy moving around the country as you know.


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