Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Very warm sunny day, Pinery Fleamarket, just enjoying this weather while it's here.

Where are we today ?
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      What a wonderful warm night last night, some rain but had our windows open and window awnings down so was perfect.
       After the early morning rains skies cleared and sunshine prevailed . a late start for us to the Pinery Fleamarket , but worked out perfect, was already 9:30 am! No rain,  sunny and warm but a few vendors did not show up. The ones I wanted to visit! . Hmm another time they will be there. No problem we still enjoyed walking the market and did not spend any money there today. Was still a nice outing and always fun.
this market is every Sunday in the summer and we love it here
heading in from the making lot
nice fresh veggies
when was the last time you these things?
nice Barber chair only $3,500.00
not too busy right now the rain had just stopped
      And because of the rain forecast. Some of the vendors we visit did not come today. Oh poop !
no lineup for Fresh cut fries
nice with no crowds
more cool stuff here
     Once back home we had a nice light lunch (fruit and veggies) then read outside for a while enjoying this amazing warm sunny day. Did get to 87f (30C) with a light breeze. perfect weather that we love. Read for a while, chat for a while make a few plans it was a perfect day outside.
Vanessa stoppe by with Simon and Suzie got her
first doggie fix of the day
          Suzie's folding foot rest I made for her last year needed a new coat of Varathane, so I sanded it down and looks much better now.
       Now with this wonderful very warm sunny day had to open our awning for some shade got up to 87 F (30C) today the weather we look forward too.
you know its warm when Suzie has her shorts on in the shade
           Such a  wonderful day and someone walked by with an ice cream cone. Hmm... Suzie got a craving so down to the store in the park and we splurged for a very nice cool treat. No need to rush supper now.
yummy? yes
           About 4 pm  Gerry and Tucker stopped in for Happy hour and then Paul and Judy stopped by as well. Nice to flap our gums for a bit. And share information.
another doggie fix for Suzie with Tucker
         About 5:30 I fired up our Weber Q to grill some chicken legs and thighs, gonna try them on the grill mat. At this time a major wind came up and some very heavy rain (glad we stored our awning). The Weber Q blew out . A few minutes later the wind and rain stopped, relit Weber and carried on. Whipped up a salad and enjoy the sweet smell of a fresh rain.
turned ut pretty good on the Grill Mat
      A very nice warm sunny day that was supposed to rain all day. No problem for us we can work around the rain drops and did. Again too much fun.
      Thank for taking the time to drop in and hope you had some wonderful weather as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Glad the foot rest worked for Susie I enjoy mine when I can get to use it. He takes it often We needs some dry weather tired of the rain and cold damp..take care will keep in touch

    1. She loves the foot rest and uses it everyday. Thanks so much for letting me copy yours. Glad you had a good birthday party for Norm. hope you r e weather clears up for you soon.

  2. We had clouds but no wind and no rain until maybe a bit overnight. That is the best time for it!You had a nice day.

    1. Night time rain is the best time for it like you said. We had some over night as well, no problem.


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