Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 23, 2017

Anna Mae's In Milbank, a late Father's Day lunch, Moving stuff, and on down the road, yup a busy day!

Where are we today ?
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        Went to new Hamburg for an early eye appointment and back home to grab Suzie .
        Then we picked up Suzi'es Dad and took him to Anna Mae's Restaurant in Millbank Ontario for the link click HERE an Amish/Mennonite Bakery and restaurant for their famous Broasted Chicken. For a late father's day lunch with him. Mind you they have lots of other home made meals and baked goods. They have seating for 178 people and most lunch hours there is a long lineup waiting for tables. We like to get there before 11:30 am to beat the rush. We had a wonderful lunch all with the broasted chicken they had desert (not me) Raisin pie for her Dad, cherry cheesecake for Suzie. Needless to ays we had our fill and satisfied our craving for their amazing chicken.
Suzie and her Dad
my 3 piece chicken lunch 
tasty Cherry cheesecake for Suzie
the buggy table
      Then on the way out pass by all the fresh baked goodies that we were tempted to but but did not.
fresh baked pies 
breads and pastries 
more pies 
this the place 
of course always see a few buggies around
        Took her Dad back home and Suzie visited there for bit while I picked up a few things in town, then back to Plattsville by 2 pm. Here the rain had stopped and sun came out we secured our coach, read outside for a bit waiting until 5 pm to leave. Head down to our daughters to pick up some items we had there in storage to take down to store now at good friends Christine and Bill's Place  further south near Delh/Simcoe Ontario. We will visit there for a couple of days, its been a while.
       Everything loaded in Drumbo with the help of Rob and grandson Noah, then head on down the road. Suzie driving the car behind. ( my navigator) so I made a few wrong turns but finally got there just after 7 pm. The scenic route !
wonderful country roads for the drive
Ginsing farms her everywhere, used to be tobacco country
        We got here and looks like gonna rain so with their help we quickly unloaded everything from the motorhome into their garage , then again moved it down stairs to their massive basement, for our small corner that they have volunteered to store our few treasures that we have been hanging onto for over 11 years now.
          Got our coach parked and set up and joined them on the patio for a bit just enjoying some catching up. Bill showed us the baby bird that had survived a fall from the large maple tree, Can't fly yet and mom and dad are taking care of him.
nicely set up here for a couple of days
    Then relax on their patio for a while, so nice to see them again, and will catch up in the next couple of days.
they have a beautiful place here
     Eventually  the skeeters came out so time for us to head on home and call it a night. Has been a busy day so nice just to kick back and relax again.
Suzie heading hime in the dark
    That was our fun day, getting things done and a few things moved, visiting with good friends and enjoying some not too bad weather.
     Thanks for stopping by. Gonna call it a night very soon. night night.

38.5 miles from Drumbo
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. That is a great looking lunch and it would be hard to walk past the baked goodies. I like your birdie shot.

    1. Thanks Larry lunch was wonderful, and this birdie is so tiny , fell from its next, but mom and dada are taking care of him.

  2. Now that's a lunch! Any leftovers for your chicken soup? Nothing like a scenic route, but maybe your navigator should go first next time, while you follow :)

    1. It was a wonderful lunch but no leftovers . I was doing well heading down, but a couple of road signs were missing. No problem though we did have a nice scenic drive and eventually got there.

  3. That is a busy day! Looks like a great one and you got things done.
    We love Anna Mae's, have eaten there a few times. Bill's 2 daughters used to work there when they lived in Millbank.

    1. It was a busy productive day, moving our stuff.
      Anna Mae's has done some expansion here and improvements worth a trip here again.

  4. Love love love Broasted chicken!
    It's hard to find places that do it up right. Usually the Mennonite/Amish are the best. We have some here in Lancaster, PA.
    That's what's nice about living in the country.

    1. Nothing quite like real good broasted chicken. And yes they do it up right for sure.
      Love country living such a relaxing way to enjoy the good life.

  5. You're sounding like busy folks running here and there.


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