Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A fun day day trip to Port Dover , visit friends, ran into more then back home for a great supper again.

Where are we today ?
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       Just a great night's sleep again as usual and up early before 6 am watching the sunrise. After a bit of coffee and some computing got a busy walkabout the yard checking out all the wonderful flowers they have here.
              The gardens and flowers here are doing wonderful.
        Chatted with Chris and Bill for a while then raided the raspberry patch, Still early in the season but did manage to grab a few berries for snacks.
nice fresh raspberrries
        Then a walkabout back into the bush for a bit so peaceful and relaxing here.
         After a nice light lunch we hopped in the car to go check out Port Dover, again been close to 20 years since we have been here and slow close now only 15 minutes away. Not much has changed still a nice touristy spot with beach and nice restaurants. Plus we have some good friends that moved here a few years ago and would like to catch up with them again.
down by the beach,, cold and windy but still people
here in the water
      We have been to this area many years ago and had lotsa fun enjoying the beaches and great food. Today just a tour too find out not much has changed at all.
too cold for us
very cloudy and windy soon gonna rain
good take out food here
     From here up over the bridge to visit rv friends we have not seen for a very long time Bob and Jody met the over 12 years ago at Galvin Bay resort in Ontario and few times in our Travels. Think the last time was in Wapakinta Ohio in 2008 when they we about to sell their class A coach after 10 years full-time And settle down for a bit. We did once visit them in Texas many years ago as well.
      So nice to catch up with these guys always a fun time with them. Only there 2 hours and felt like 5 minutes, but they had a previous engagement so time for us to head on out. We will make a point of coming back again to see these guys.
LR Bob , Suzie Me, Jody
          As we were leaving their place driving through town I spotted this grey chevy pick up truck with green canoe on top. Made a quick right turn into this restaurant, I said to Suzie looks like Emile and Monquie's truck, so we check out the restaurant and sure enough out was them, with all of her family for a great get together for a wonderful family fish dinner. We had just spent a couple of weeks with them recently at Rock Glen resort and did not expect to see them until next winter sometime, Now is this not a small world or what?        
          Back home to Chris and Bill's for Happy Hour, chat with them for a bit then they whipped up supper for us tonight. Grilled boneless chicken breasts, macaroni salad  and more wonderful fresh asparagus.
not long on their BBQ
oh so tasty, good friends and good food
a perfect combination 
           After supper we chatted for a bit then Suzie and Chris chatted for quite a bit more, They have been close friends since they were teenagers and as usually could have and did chat for hours over the weekend.
           Eventually time to call it a night we parted ways and each to our own homes, We will see them in the morning before we leave, securing our coach and heading back on down the road again. Hope to get back here again for another good visit this year.
           Not a bad day at all fun times with good friends and the weather not too bad, a bit of cloud cover and a few rain showers, we can handle that no problem at all.
          Thanks for dropping by again and I just know y'all had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Been to Port Dover on the Goldwing a couple of times, it was a whole lot busier the days we went. Often said we should go back on a day other than Friday the 13th!
    Looks like you had a great day with friends, new and old. Crazy weather for sure.

    1. This place is busy enough without coming on a friday the 13th. It is a worthy visit and always enjoyed it here. It is always fun to meet up with friends again. Catching up.

  2. Nice to get in a visit with friends.

  3. It's funny how Emile and Monique keep popping up, isn't it? Back in March, we were just minding our business in Willis,TX when Emile pulled their trailer in right alongside us...!

    1. Yes it is but then we travel the membership parks, and gang out in the same areas, We have been running into them for 11 years now all over north America.

  4. It is a small world. Looking at your map, you've really been on the move this summer.

    1. It is a small world and so many nice places to visit here into Ontario as well.

  5. Their place is beautiful there! On the move again for you guys! How wonderful! Dinner looked awesome!

    1. They do have a beautiful place, but don't want to wear out our welcome.
      Dinner was excellent.


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