Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, June 02, 2017

Thursday and Friday catchup, always something to keep us busy.

Where are we today ?
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         This posting will take care of Thursday and Fridays fun.

       Started off a wonderful sunny day, clear blue skies with a bit of a cooler breeze, but really no complaints here. Just nice to spend the whole day outside just putting around and a few walkabouts.  
        After a mile or so around the park I started with cleaning the windshield on our coach and the roadkill bugs that commit suicide on the front of it.
          Next removed our K&N air filter from the coach to give it a good cleaning and recharge it. A nice sunny day to do that.
K&N air filter
recharge kit
      Then topped up house batteries with distilled water, keeps them in good shape and reliable.
      Stop for a bite of lunch gonna try another one of these Pockets from Mc Cain. We get free coupons in our case of beer so may as well give them try. They do sell for about $4.00. but we will take free, love free.
not bad, but not great
a pocket and my chicken noodle soup 
the these Arizona cloudless skies
       After lunch down to this wonderful fitness centre here in this resort, one of the nicest I have seem anywhere, included in our membership here. Had a nice work out then home to enjoy reading in the warm afternoon sunshine.
        Then around 3:30 we enjoying out books and Melinda, Jerry, Tucker and Ron stopped by to chat  for a bit.  Nice and warm, sunny and our of the wind  here.
treat for Tucker
Ron stops by to flap his gums too.
Melinda, Gerry, Tucker (in the shade) and Suzie
         Then soon time for me to whip up supper, tonight I made a couple of shrimp Kabobs to add to our  salad.
quick and easy
Tasty and light.
         Supper done in time to head down to the clubhouse for Darts at 6:30 and and have more fun.  Cost us $6.00 for the 2 of us to have 3 hours of competitive fun and laughs.
a fun group here
Suzie gets ready
      Now with all this fun our teams played 2nd place for me and 3rd place for Suzie. We walked away with a  total of $2.25 in winnings, wonderful. So by the time we got home I did not feel like posting yesterday, so this posting  covers 2 days.
      Today another bright sunny day and more walkabouts the park. Enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and exercise. Chat with a few people and the Canada Goose family by the pond with 6 babies growing like crazy.
Canada Goos family out doing what Geese do
had a much of birds decide they wanted to poop all over our car
cleaned it off nd good to go again
     Then a quick trip to Forest to pick up some fresh veggies, chicken on sale and the Friday Farmer's Market. At the Market got some fresh Local Organic strawberries that we love. They actually smell and taste like real strawberries, so sweet. On the way back a local roadside stand for some very fresh Asparagus right out of their garden.
road side stand been her forever I think
       Small market in town is nice a quick tour and got our strawberries
small tomato plants 10 bucks where would we put it?
nice to see a group of bottles ones on a rope, walking the town
fresh organic strawberries , awesome
heading home on a perfect day 
asparagus was wonderful 
        Home for lunch and relax for a while in the sun and shade enjoying our e-readers. was a perfect day, tempo got to 76 f. (26c) not too shabby at all.  A bit later a neighbour here came by and was having an issue setting up their Shaw satellite dish, I was  referred by another camper here in the park..I guess I am the go to guy for setting up Shaw satellite dishes. No problem I always enjoy an challenge. I will see what I can do. With a few adjustments  got it all up and running for them.  So nice to make things happen when I can.
enjoying more Arizona clear blue skies
we actually needed some shade todaay
         Soon time to whip up supper so made our salad to go with a pork tenderloin and some fresh grilled asparagus that I picked up today.
not long and grilled to perfection
sure did the trick and leftover pork for lunches 
       That was our wonderful 2 days here at Rock Glen resort, with pretty close to perfect weather. Still outside  just enjoying this wonderful warm sunny spring day. After 8 pm and and loving it.
 Gonna post this blog and read a bit more until it cools down, maybe 9 pm and call it an night inside.. Oh did I say our neighbours have a nice campfire going and we can enjoy the smell right here. Not much for campfires for us anymore but do enjoy the smell. The sparks and smoke not much fun anymore.
       Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather too.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Rock Glen Resort looks to be very attractive campsites and a very peaceful stay. You found a gem in that market stop with all the produce and such topped off with some good looking meals.

    1. We do love this park so glad we found it years ago. this is a nice small market.

  2. My three favorite words are: FREE....50% OFF...AND YES........

  3. The best kind of post, in my opinion. is one that says...catch up because we were having to much fun. The strawberries and asparagus look wonderful. Not that you need a reminder but you and Suzie keep enjoying days.


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