Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunshine, warmer weather and we going to a Party tonight!

Where are we today ?
      Today we enjoying sunshine, Yahoo ! Still a bit chilly but the sunshine makes all the differences in the world.
       Got more stuff done here this morning for a few hours then Suzie and I went to visit her Mom for lunch. I had a nice visit with them for and hour or so then headed back toNew Hamburg. A few stops along they way checking things out and then time to prep supper.
Beautiful blue sunny skies and buds almost out
        Gonna cook some pork ribs on our Q tonight so being low on propane I put them in the oven in a foil pan with sauerkraut, for an hour or so. Similar to on our Weber Q.
        When Suzie left the hospital send me a text and I whip up our salad then preheat our Weber Q.  We relax for a bit get caught up with our day and ribs on the Q, just to caramelize them with our BBQ sauce.
with our sticky BBQ sauce
add to the salad and sauerkraut, sure hit the spot
         Now we are off to a Surprise Birthday PARTY !  Good friends of ours are having a 50th birthday party and what a milestone it is. I remember when I had mine (many years ago) it was a blast! I am sure we will have a fun time but no more posting tonight. Will be way past our bedtime when we get home. When was the last time you went to a 50th birthday party ?
        This be the invite for tonight. A friend of Suzie's she went to school with, celebrating Ben's Milestone! Oh to be 50 again!
     I might even take a few pics to post tomorrow, never know!
     Glad that you stopped on by again, and hope you are enjoying this great weather too.
     G'night y'all.
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  1. 50 - past memory - now my kids are experiencing that feeling - think it is a shock to oldest son LOL he keeps insisting he is 37...have an enjoyable catch up at the party. ..

    1. Yep my oldest daughter will be 48 this year so we are feeling old!

  2. I have never done ribs and sauerkraut together...yummy!
    Have a fun time....

  3. Have certainly both deserve a fun night off. Pictures please :)

  4. Mucho fiesta! Ribs look great! And yes, pictures wouls be fine. 50 was a while ago...

  5. We did have some rain but today was simply beautiful. Just took a walk outside tonight and the stars are so very bright. The frogs are yelling and all is well in my world. Oh yes, temperatures got up near 80 degrees.

  6. Nice to hear the sun is out. That's always a great start to a day. I'm sure you had a great time at your party.

    1. Sunshine makes for wonderful days thats for sure.
      A great time, you bet !

  7. Cool invite. Hope you don't have a marguarita hang over. Lol


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