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Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, April 04, 2015

5th Annual Tyler Todd 3 on 3 Co-ed Hockey Tournament Plattsville Ontario

Where are we today ?
Tyler Todd
Plattsville Arena

Sidewalk leading to the arena
        This weekend the community of Plattsville Ontario is hosting the 5th Annual Tyler Todd 3 on 3 Co-ed and youth Hockey Tournament with all money going Wounded Warriors. The first  4years over $113,000.00 was raised and much more will be raised this year. Most everything was donated from the arena ice time, to food, beverages, prizes for players, silent auction prizes and hundreds of raffle prizes. 
       I believe 20 teams with with a total of well over 200 players participated with 4 games for each team. Plus a dance both friday and saturday night as well. A huge undertaking for the community spear headed by Trevor (aka: Tree) Baer with the help of many volunteers from the community.
        This event is named after Tyler Todd who was killed April 11th 2010 in Afghanistan. A local young man raised in the community and very well known.
        A bonus for us this year that made us very proud was we were able to attend and daughter number 2 participated playing hockey in this, her very first hockey tournament making us very proud. After figure skating for many years as a young child. And she scored her first goal!
         We checked out all the prizes in various rooms around the arena, then ball hockey outside for the children, and chatted with various people we knew, purchased some raffle tickets, a beverage and a snack.
nice raffle prize 
co-ed hockey
centre ice
more ice painting
       Then many rooms of draw prizes upstairs in the arena.
silent auction tables too
of course the social bar
still pretty quiet there only noon
more raffles prizes
ball hockey in the pavilion for the kids
a sunny but cool day
the local CTV News was there too
         Back to New Hamburg for a couple hours and returning for another game after a light supper.
Tasty salmon burgers and broccoli apple salad
         The game was very exciting and everyone had a great time. And yes they won again, did not put them in the playoffs but very close. But from the smiles on everyones faces they all had a great time.
        We had a wonderful time here, meeting up with more friends and family, chatting about with old times. Even some customers from my restaurant that I have not seen since I closed it 16 years ago! 

         Now another added bonus I got an autograph from and my picture taken with Walter Gretsky  (now 77yrs young) Hockeys most famous father. Of course I think every one has heard of Wayne Gretsky. Number 99 the great one!
      Now I think, thats it for our hockey season. And I will tell you it sure is one that will give us more memories to last us the rest of our lives. All because we came home early this winter. But soon summer will be here! And soon we will be living back in our RV again.
Looks at these kids all excited over more snow
        Well sure is nice to see them have fun, see if they are still that excited about snow in 55 years. Guess we will not likely be around then though.
       That was a very exciting day for us and now back down to serious family time and Easter stuff tomorrow with Suzie's family.
       Thanks for joining us today and hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. You've been there every step of the way with your grandkids and hockey. They will never forget this special time with you.

    What a wonderful tribute to help the wounded warriors. Thanks for passing it along. These organizations are doing a wonderful job remembering and helping them.

    1. We have been having great time making special memories too.
      Small communities are great for pulling together.

  2. A worthy cause helping the Wounded Warriors, and remembering a hero taken too soon.

    1. Thanks, it is for a great cause and remembering as well.

  3. Lokks like a fun day for all and an great cause.
    Made your broccoli apple salad yesterday! Yummy.

    Cheers, and thanks for sharing.

    1. It was a great day, glad you enjoyed the salad too Peter.

  4. What a wonderful event. I don't think I have ever seen so many gifts to bid on. Great job to all for raising the money for a super cause.

    Congratulations on the autograph. Now don't go putting that on Craigslist....hehe


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