Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Just another day, with sunshine and warm weather.

Where are we today ?
         Not much new here today, just more cleaning and purging. Sunshine, fresh air and warm temps' liking that. Ran a few errands and another load to the thrift store. 
         After a light lunch Suzie and her Dad went to visit her Mom. I ran (drove) over to our coach, fired up our generator and ran it for a while under load, just cause thats what needs to be done. While this was happening I put more canned goods back in our house, so mostly repacked now.
         Back here I took the time to go for a nice walk to the Tim Hortons and back, just over a mile. A bit more cleaning here then time for supper, when Suzie returns about 4:30pm.
        Tonight a treat, our style of fast food. Grilled turkey burgers on our Weber Q and a real treat frozen fries done in the oven.
really enjoy these turkey burgers
much healthier then beef

and so tasty too
load up the burger and tastes wonderful
even the fries aren't too bad either,

 better than no fries
      So there no pics and nothing exciting, other than the warmer weather, but we are getting there. Now even have a few minutes to read, it's been a long time, (miss my Kobo and it miss's me)
      Thanks again for the visit, hope you had a good one too.
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  1. I think warm weather is exciting enough!!

  2. Warmer weather? Where's the picture of you in shorts and a tee shirt? :cD

    1. I was holding the camera, maybe get Suzie to take one today ok?

  3. Don't do too much flopping. We have a weber. I don't know whether it's pronounced weeber or weber

    1. Thanks Anna we like to pace our flopping there will be much less of that in a month.
      It is American made and they pronounce it Weber. So thats the way I pronounce it. But here in Kitchener one of the main streets is Weber St. and with the German/Mennonite heritage it is pronounced Weeber. I am sure you enjoy your Weber even on the pother side of the pond.


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