Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Coach serviced, now ready to go somewhere soon we hope.

Where are we today ?
        I have had a few requests for what goes into our healthy and delicious lettuce salad that I make pretty well on a daily basis. So I added to my recipe blog on the top right side bar or you can click on the link here.
      Yesterday brought the coach here to the house in New Hamburg and gave it a good cleaning as most of you know.
       That was in preparation to take it to Pettigrew's Garage in Plattsville for 8 am to get it serviced. Lube, oil, filter and have Dale give a good once over. He does this work outside so January was not the time to do and today was perfect weather. All is good to go now so its just a matter of time. We plan on moving back in about May 5th so we can finish prepping the house for the Auction sale here friday May 8th at 3 pm. While back at the house we moved a few items back in and will return it to the parking spot until that time when we will find a spot locally to camp (live in our home) for about a week.
so nice just cruising into Plattsville in our coach.
      Back here just puttered around while her Dad and brother did a bit of yard work out the back. Suzie had a dentist appointment in town then back for a light lunch and off to visit her mom with her dad for the afternoon.
      I got a few more things done then a simple supper tonight.
can't park here for too long, blocking the sidewalk
        Simple supper is  couple frozen meals we are using up that were in the freezer. Nice full meals and just heat in the oven about 45 minutes. meals on wheels things that were here.
        The weather guessers were right on the money today predicted heavy rains at 4 pm, and was only a minute or 2 after that the skies opened. They really got lucky today. Spring flowers real soon me thinks.
       These were 2 different meals so we split between the 2 of us and added our usual salad (smaller salad portions today though).
sure did the trick again
         So there thats what it was all about and again really nice weather, very warm but windy. No time for a walkabout but still got a good workout, just doing stuff.
         Glad you did take the time for a peek and hope you are enjoying some excellent spring time weather too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. Bet you two are pretty excited to return to the coach! I think you'll need a vacation! Fingers crossed that your temps continue to climb George!

    1. Yes we are excited, moving back into our house again. Just that alone will be a vacation.
      The temps will climb no problem there.

  2. There's just been way too much work for you guys lately. It'll all be over soon, and you can go back to doing whatever you please, even if that means sitting on a riding mower.

    1. Oh yes, outside fresh air and sunshine, looking so forward to it.

  3. it won't be long and normalcy will return to your lives...

  4. Good to see you have your move date set. It will be nice getting life back to normal after all your hard work but was nice you were there for her parents. Been waxing, caulking and doing some maintenance on our rig we are set to roll north May 29th. That's one healthy salad you have been making. Have an awesome Tuesday!

    1. Yes we have a plan and it will work great for us.
      Nice to hear that you are getting you rig all spiffed up and ready to head out again.
      I played with different salad mixes and found one that Suzie really likes. And she requests it every day.
      "Happy wife happy life !"


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