Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Friday and Saturday, two busy days

Where are we today ? 
        Well heck its Friday already and just a tad chilly this morning, great for sleeping and warmed up nicely with a bright sunny day.
just above freezing
       A walkabout the yard a bit and heard a clip clop on the road and were just in time to see two riders coming into town on horseback.
can you see the two horses in the trees?
        I has sent an email out to George at M and G Portables asking if he is in the Plattsville area  to drop by and pump out our wastewater.  I think he has a pretty good business going for himself and really enjoys his work, you can tell by the smile on his face and the jokes he tells. Only $10.00 this time.
driving on by
smiling George
         Now back to Steve's computer issues. We spent a few hours yesterday on line with Rick Doyle, but had to cut it short for the night. This morning I took Steve's laptop into John and Lea's house and hooked directly to the internet with and ethernet cable. Downloaded some drivers Rick recommended but still not working. Then gave Rick remote access to Steve's computer and watched as he took control and check this and that, changed a few settings, reboot the computer a few times. Stop for three hours while both Rick and I got things done, then back at it again for another couple hours in the afternoon. The real cool things is Rick is on Vancouver Island and we are in Southern Ontario Canada and all this took place almost like sitting in the same room. Love modern technology (when it works).
         The bottom line is that the windows Vista operating system is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled, not a really good option as he would still have a very slow 7 year old outdated computer. I may attempt to install windows XP or maybe not, might run out of time before they leave.
Rick has control of Steve's computer
        For supper tonight Steve and Barb made up a huge cabbage casserole, I whipped up a caesar salad and picked up some fresh baked buns to fee to bunch of us here. Me , Suzie and her mom, Steve and barb, John, Lea, Jamie and a family friend. Gathered around their large back porch by the pool, had a wonderful filling meal and fun evening of story telling, until way past my bedtime.
cabbage casserole

oh so tasty


         This morning overcast and drizzly, but is the one day that we can take our friends to the St. Jacobs farmer's market. So umbrellas in hand we hopped in the car and headed out. If you remember last Sunday there was a huge fire there that totally destroyed the large market building that housed 60 vendors but at least no one was injured.  The other buildings were not damaged so they rallied about and re-arranged things and were open for the thursday and saturday markets. A lot of vendors were relocated but we found the two we looking for and got some more pepperettes, and mini home baked pies, Elderberry and blueberry. We had a bit of light rain, then it stopped for a while but with our umbrellas we were good walking about with Steve and Barb. Still good crowds here today too even with the rain.
whats left after the fire of the large building
square tarts
awesome tomatoes $4.00 a basket
our mini pies $3.50
         Now back home I worked on supper for the 4 of us. Twice baked potatoes, sauerkraut, pigtails and pork ribs. With a cool damp day it made sense to fire up our oven and cook inside today.
bake taters and scoop them out
re-stuffed potato skins with mashed, mixed with butter, milk,
cream cheese, bacon, parsley and mozerlla
No calories at all but so tasty
         While things were simmering away in the oven  about 3 pm Suzie got a call that her Dad was being released from the hospital. So off she went with his Buick to pick up her mom and off to Stratford hospital to bring her Dad home. Dropped them off and she was back here in time for supper at 6 pm. with Steve and Barb.
while waiting here in the afternoon we had
a wonderful sunny day
Ribs, pigtails and twice baked potatoes
sure hit the spot and even had two pigtails left for Lea
         That was our last two days, busy and pretty decent weather, Suzie's Dad is home now and her Gramma should be going to an extended care facility this coming week.
        Thanks for stopping by again and hope you enjoyed you weekend so far.

 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. No wonder you didn't post a blog yesterday. You didn't even have time to sit down. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks for the update of St. Jacobs. I was wondering how they were making out after the fire.

    1. Still pretty busy, just the vendors in the large building missing

  3. You have certainly been busy!

    At least you were keeping Rick from getting into any trouble!

    1. Yes it was a frustrating slow process, but a learning experience anyway. Nice to hang out with Rick.

  4. Really, rib pigtails? Never heard of them. I'm glad to hear that Suzie's dad is home and Gramma is going into assisted living. That should take away some of the stress.

  5. Good for you for going to St.Jacobs and spending a few bucks. Just a little too far for us, but the thought had crossed my mind.
    We've sure been keeping the windows closed these last few nights. Means I can't hear the raccoons trying to get into our green bin, so that's OK.

    1. Have to support the market , want our vendors to keep coming back.
      Its just a nice drive to St. Jacobs on a sunny day from you place.

  6. I really need to stop reading blogs about food. I had a great dinner tonight but now I want that blueberry pie - which is my favorite. That picture of the tomatoes was beautiful. Good news about Suzie's dad.

    1. Nice that her Dad is home now and doing much better.

  7. I a way curious about the cabbage casserole your friend made.....looks yummy and of course those twice baked potatoes sound more like dessert ....I love 'em!

    Glad to hear Suzie's dad is finally going home. All good signs!

    I sure would like a basket of those tomatoes !

    1. Tomatoes were excellent.
      I sent you the recipe for the casserole.

  8. Good to hear you still had time for friends and good food. Those tomatoes look awesome. Good luck to the hip patient at home. Do they have home care that comes in every few days?

    1. Not to sure about e home care, Her is doing really well, biggest problem is his stomach.
      hip is doing just fine!

  9. I'm glad to see you and Steve were up to something productive rather than spending any more time on trying to get the wifi working on that Vista computer - it's a real beast for sure and only a complete install of a new OS will fix it I'm sure.

    Great looking dinner even if it wasn't done on the Weber. I liked the look of the ribs but I still can't bring myself around to even thinking about trying a 'pig's tail'!

    1. Rick thanks so much for your help. We did our best, the rest is up to Steve.
      Think we will just enjoy this great weather.

  10. See Rick fixes computers for you and you give him great Webber Q grill recipes. A win-win for both of you! ;c)

  11. How do you cook your ribs and pigtails?

  12. I can see that you've been really busy. You certainly have plenty to do and lots of food to eat. Rain seems to be sporadically hitting every place.


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