Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A wonderful hot sticky Day!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Just another great day, hot, humid, sticky too hot to get very physical so we didn't. Hey that's why we are here isn't it? So early morning coffees, computing and walkabouts the resort, just enjoying the great weather and chat with a few neighbors. (Standard early morning stuff) Life is good.

        Checked out Suzie's computer for Microsoft Streets and trips and find out that the USB extension for the GPS is defective. So need to buy a new one. But we are in a small town right? Ok it's 9 am and most the stores are now open, I can go shopping. Two computer stores, but not open today so I checked out the Dollar Store, Family Dollar, Grocery store , Pharmacy and to no avail. Then I went to Ace hardware (the lumber yard) and guess what they had the USB extension we needed, go figure eh! Good thing its a small town everything is real close.

        So got those chores done and back home can just putter around getting ready to hit the road in the morning, (dump sewage, check tires etc) to Whitney Texas for a week. Then a few more walkabouts the resort checking out the action.
love this huge Barbeque!
         I had mentioned earlier this week that its spring break here so there is lotsa kids here playing games, volley ball, basket ball, bike riding, but the pool is not open yet and it's 90f (30c). No problem for these guys. This is Tre Rios Resort right? (Three rivers), well actually more like three creeks but the kids just love them. So they are having a ball, swimming shoes, swim suits, running shoes, walking the rivers, canoes, kayaks, splashing, keeping cool, even some of the adults too!
splish splash
down by the river
        We finally did what we enjoy, relax in a chair, in the shade and enjoy our books.
wonderful day
         Then shortly after 4 pm when I was thinking about firing up our Weber grill for supper, we had a few sprinkles of rain. So pack up the Weber and change plans gonna cook inside tonight. Slight menu change but no big deal.

        Fired up the oven, boil some water for noodles and before we know it a baked pickerel fillet, some coconut shrimp we had in the freezer, fettucine alfredo and a tomato, lettuce salad. Worked out pretty good and very tasty.
        Now that we were done supper the rain sprinkles stopped and we can go back outside to read for a couple hours before it gets too dark. Now at 8pm its still 75f (23c). Yep we can handle this weather for sure!

        Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Can't believe it has been a week already. Wishing you safe travels with no wind.

  2. Contessa:

    Thanks so much, time flies when your'e havin fun!

  3. and you guys sure know how to have fun! safe travels from us also.,

  4. Elaine:

    Just our everyday lives are fun. nothing fancy thou.


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