Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dr Pepper Museum, Waco Texas

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        A good nights sleep last night even thou its still pretty warm over night, windows open , no blankets, yep sure like this. Early morning we had some rain dampening things a bit but stopped pretty early. We were supposed to have thundershowers all day today. Just windy and overcast and quite warm. So we thought a nice 30 mile drive south to Waco Texas and check out the Dr. Pepper Museum, (Thanks to the suggestion from fellow blogger, Just Wandern' ).

        Into Whitney, stop at a bank machine for a bit of cash and the Chamber of Commerce for a map. Oh and we passed this "Justice of the Peace", hmm, have not seen one of those for many years.
Justice of the Peace
        Now heading south along 933 into Waco Texas and we located the Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco Texas. Parked in the lot and made our way into the museum.      
Dr Pepper Museum
        Apparently the worlds oldest  major soft drink, Dr Pepper is Americas unique flavor and was created, manufactured and sold beginning in 1885 in this central Texas town of Waco.  Sounds interesting so lets take a tour.        

talking stories thru out the museum
original soda fountain

various bottle styles
1930's bottling machine

they hard their own artesian well for a while
older bottling machine
         Of course I had to pose for a photo op,  like my outfit?
         Many videos to watch, this was old Dr Pepper commercials from many generations, (I do remember quite a few of them) right up to present day. Some so old and corny good for some laughs for sure.

        The another talking video with more history of marketing and displays.
         The marketing genius behind Dr Pepper was Woodrow Wilson (Foots) Clements, for many many years. You can read about him if you like here very interesting.

"Foots" Office 
he was know as Mr. Dr Pepper
         Now having enjoyed this tour we had to check out the Soda fountain and I just had to have a Dr Pepper float, yeah is was awesome!

very tasty float

old tables and chairs
        In 1953 there was a tornado that went thru Waco doing major damaage to this building, you can see the new brick work on the front repairing the damage .
         Now after we left the museum a drive about town for a while past the court house in the square.
        Then over to check out the suspension bridge built in 1866, with a few impressive statues of a cowboy and some Texas longhorn cattle.

nice bridge with some history
        By this time it was after noon and we were getting a bit hungry for a small bite. So we spotted a fast food place we have never been to and have heard it was pretty good. So lets grab a bite.
look at the pipes on this truck! a bit much I think
         It was Whataburger established in 1950 in Corpus Christie Texas. Hey in Texas let's do some Texas stuff. And of course a burger, fries and Dr Pepper had to be sampled.
table tops with Dr Pepper logos
         Well it was pretty good, we each had a Whataburger jr, split a large fry and small Dr Pepper for  a pretty filling lunch only eight bucks.
       We did not do a lot of walking about outside even throu it was warm, the winds had gusts up to 40 mph, not a lot of fun walking about. So we hopped back on 933 heading north. Par tway back thru Gholson Tx we spotted Bubba's Country Store.(not sure if you can read the sign) Got it all here Beer, bait and more all in the order of importance too, I see!
Bubba's Country store
        Now back home our slide is still in, the winds are brutal  so we just relaxed, computed and read for a while. Time for supper and we were not that hungry, so I changed our chicken pasta casserole into a light fast meal. Something we don't have much but one I enjoy. Loaded hot dogs, cheese whiz, peanut butter, relish, tomatoes, mustard and onions, a few chips on the side just hit the spot.
gourmet? not.... but tasty
        Now the day is pretty well done, read a bit more, a tiny bit of tv and call it another great day in Texas.
Map of our trip this winter
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  1. Hope you enjoyed the museum! We've been there several times and so have our grandkids. Of course, their favorite place is in the little soda kitchen! Isn't it fun taking in all the sights? We love it.

  2. Wanderin' :

    Thanks for the tip, yes we really did enjoy the museum, just love checking out new areas and sights to see.

  3. nice little tavern there in waco called George's Big O... we will be close to you again as today we are headed to Bryan, TX

  4. Heyduke:

    To bad it was not a bit closer, we could get together.

  5. Peanut butter on a hotdog with other fixings???? hummm thats a new one to me..will have to try it...

  6. Elaine:

    Oh yeah, peanut butter enhances a lot of other flavors!

  7. I admire you constant touring and siteseeing, we don;t do that too much. I think we prefer to just relax and walk the beach cuz we know what will be in store for us when we get back to Canada.

    LOVE that Dr. Pepper Nascar photo of you. Make sure you give a copy to the grans, it will be a good memory.

  8. Contessa:

    We only sightsee usually in new areas, if something appeals to us, not really that often. Back in Canada not so much mostly family and friends.
    Good idea about the pic thanks.


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