Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Ol" Days

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Sunday is a day rest right? Well we just gonna take it easy today, overcast cloudy a bit of wind and nothing we want to do today. So computing, coffees, walkabouts a quick dive to town to fill our water jug with purified water and back home.

        But on the way back I passed this car lot with a bunch of old cars. Good Ol' Days cars and parts so I just had to stop and peak. Suzie was not with me so that was ok.
Good Ol' Days tow truck
Project cars for sure
        Well looking around I spot a 1958 Ford, I had one of those, bought it for fifty bucks and traded it for an almost new motorcycle, 1965 Honda 90 cc, my first bike.
1958 Ford
        Lotsa Ford Rancheros here this one in pretty good shape a 1978.
78 Ranchero
same Ranchero
         Then this 1956 Ford, mine was similar, I worked on for two years and finally had it on the road when I turned 16 years old, great car. My Grandfather had bought it brand new and just loved it!
1956 Ford
         An old Ford pickup, never had one but another project car.
Ford Pickup
         Now this one a 1949 Ford, always wanted one but never got around to it. Same age as me, I think I am in a little better shape than this thou. Of course I am sure I have a "project body" too!
1949 Ford
         Now back home got me looking for pictures of some of my old cars but have none on this computer, gonna have to look into that when we get back to Ontario. But I did find some old pictures of me. Lotsa them, I picked out a few just to see if you think I have changed much over the years.

        Well yeah I guess, a lot older, less hair, a few more pounds and where did that grey come from? But it seems like only yesterday but wow 40 years ago I was playing in the sand with my kids on Prince Edward Island Canada, camping in our tent trailer on a two week vacation.
1972 Beach on PEI, me , Kim and Ken
        Then a couple years later oldest daughter Kim and I just hanging out.
1974 Kim and I
        Then another 14 years later enjoying the sun in our backyard in Plattsville Ontario, had a lot more hair then, things sure change.
me 1986 lotsa hair and no gray!
         A couple years after that I cut my hair, shaved off the beard and opened my restaurant in town (nobody knew who I was). Did that gig for 10 years, slowed down a bit, then decided time to slow down a bit.

        Then 2006 we decided enough of this slavery lets buy an Rv sell the house, live our dream and run away, see some of North America. And here we are 6 years later still running away, following the sun, but now have 5 grandchildren we need to see grow up and boy they are growing fast.

       They are getting older quickly and so are we, but I still think I am better shape than that 1949 Ford in the picture above with probably a lot more miles on me too.
 Today less hair more gray
        So enough of the Good Ol' Days, back to the rest of today, we enjoyed our books for a few hours in the afternoon and supper was a repeat of last nights supper. It was so good we just had to do it again, besides we had lotsa leftovers.
more corned beef ,cabbage and carrots, yummy
        In the afternoon the sun came in and out for a while, temperatures up to 82f (28c), windy and humid but we enjoyed every minute of it.

        Boy, its a tough live, so glad we can suffer with!
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  1. Looks like a good place to find a project car. And more then just a few the old classics. Always fun looking back at ourselves over the years and makes us realize how fast the time does pass. Have a GREAT WEEK!

  2. Hey there, great blog entry today, loved the trip down memory lane! Saw a photo of Kim's little girl the other day on FB, she's a little doll, just a clone of Kim herself! Nice pictures of the cars too, I remember your cars well! And the Ranchero! We are still looking for one I think (ours was a '76). We had very warm weather here yesterday, I went out in the kayak after lunch as soon as the ice on the lake shrunk enough so I could get onto the water. Spring is here!!

  3. Allen and Lolita:

    Thanks for stopping by, so many places in the souther states to find project cars, not like bak home in Canada, the salt on the roads have killed most of them years ago.


    Thanks for stopping by, I had so many old cars back then. Glad you are enjoying the warm weather back home.

  4. Great trip down memory lane. You were a hunk in the ole days and still are:)

  5. You are one handsome dude George!

  6. As you know, I LOVE the old cars, so I really enjoyed your blog today.

    I don't think anyone would recognize me from some of my youthful photos.

    Have fun ... TnT

  7. Contessa, Larry and TnT:

    Thanks for stopping by the past with me and all the kind words too.

  8. Well that was fun going down memory lane. Love those old pictures of you. I think I would have had a hard time trying to picture you like that. Boy do we ever change over the years.

    Kevin and Ruth

  9. Yes we sure do change over the years, hard to believe.

  10. Yes we sure do change over the years, hard to believe.


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