Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Texan Spoken Here

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?

        Very warm again overnight, and if it keeps up much more we may have to run our air conditioner at night to sleep, pretty warm and humid. We are not used to the humidity after a winter in Arizona that's for sure. And looking at the weather back home they too are having a heat wave, almost as warm as here, hope that weather remains when we return in a few weeks.

        This mornings coffees, computing and walkabouts down by the river again and the level is quite low today. I noticed this sign when we first got here and the riverbed was almost dry, after the first day of rain it was flowing with a vengeance, now it is subsiding again, I really understand the meaning of dangerous.
a huge difference in the water levels

        The huge fire place in the campground square was impressive in the fact that upon closer examination the fancy stone is quite creative, with some of the rocks petrified wood.
interesting stone works
petrified wood adds to the design
        Today is another great day, hot, humid, not a lot of sunshine but its not supposed to rain. So off we go to Granbury Texas about 20 minutes north of here. Now Granbury is a city with a population of only 7,900, we were expecting a small town. But were very impressed with the number of restaurants, fast food places, large grocery stores, huge super Walmart and all the traffic, thought this was a small town.

        Well Texas is another great state that we love to visit. And we saw this sign in a store today. Yes they have a special language down here and we can converse pretty well even thou we speak Canadian, with a funny accent. All the different languages we have to learn while travelling around north America is actually a lot of fun.
        We had heard that the historic town square was quite nice so we managed to find a parking spot and were able to wander about some of the shops and very old buildings that have been very well maintained and restored.
the courthouse
a nice day for a stroll

nothing for us
yep we do!!
the Nutt House Hotel

Mary Lou Watkins
       Mary Lou Watkins Granbury's preservation leader

beautifully restored movie theatre, brings back memories
AND its for sale!
they have everything here even a Texas Waffle maker!
Hinden Burger, makes you look like a Blimp, I would think.
Opera House 1886
        Now another reason we came to Granbury was to pick up some adult bevereages, Glen Rose is in a dry county.  Majestic Fine Wine and Liquors, so it was fun to check out this place and the large variety of items available. And I found a nice sampler pack of 6 different Texas brews, gotta support the locals right?
        Now enough sightseeing and fun lets get back home to some serious reading in the shade, fire up our Weber and grill another of our favourites, something we never tire of, you guessed it Chicken.
season it, put on the grill and forget about it for 90 minutes
        A nice tasty chicken dinner with my version of a rice pilaf and we are good to go.
        Mow supper is done, still nice and warm out and daylight, we can read outside until almost 8 p.m., gotta love daylight savings time. Lotsa kids around and you know you are in Texas when these young teenage girls are dressed for hot weather with tank tops, cut-offs and cowboy boots. Is that proper attire for playing basketball in Texas?
only in Texas
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  1. Hey there, weather here in Little Britain, Ontario is unbelievable, mid to high 60's, maybe even 70 on Sunday. Laid on the swing yesterday afternoon in the sun in shorts and t-shirt! Fantastic!

  2. Lou:

    Just hang onto that weather for a few more weeks ok???

  3. Thanks for a great tour of Granbury. Looks like an interesting town to visit!

  4. Y'all are not far from my neck of the woods - Weatherford, TX. Another great town to visit. If you get over this way be sure to visit all the shops on York Avenue in downtown by the courthouse. I'm glad you are enjoying this area!

  5. What a great town, so much to see.

  6. Jool:

    Thanks for the tip, love this area, so much to see! We are heading the other way tomorrow, to Whitney TX thou.


    Yes just loving this area too!

  7. Neat looking little town you are in. Enjoyed the pictures. Got to agree we sure love the longer day's for being outside. Hope to be traveling like you both next year, we have enjoyed following along with you this year on your travels.

  8. Allen and Lolita:

    Glad you could join us, like a friends of ours told us before we went fulltime "if you can do it now, go, don't wait" too soon old. And you know he was right, wish we could have started even sooner.

  9. What a fantastic day you had !!

    We have been sleeping with our window open the last four days or so ... so nice !!

    Take care ... TnT


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