Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Heading east with brutal winds !

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        We are up early again as usual, coffees, computing and walkabouts, secure our coach hook up the car and on the road just before 9 am heading east on I-10, destination for today El Paso Texas, ETA 2:30 pm. 

        A bright sunny warm day with some wind, it appeared to be a west wind just blowing along the highway, great gas mileage! The wonderful scenery of the huge boulders by the Texas Canyon Rest area always amazes us, just hanging there waiting to roll onto the interstate.
huge boulders
        Just moving right along barely noticing the winds and barely touching the gas, enjoying the scenery, love the decorative bridges that we see along then way.
decorative bridge

        We stopped at a rest area and stepped out I was almost blown away! Then back on I-10 warning lights flashing, " Blowing Dust tune radio to am 530".
warning lights flashing
        Then the overhead caution sign warning "High winds and Blowing dust"
caution sign
        Still not to bad driving until I-10 turned in a southerly direction. Now we could feel the ssw winds and the dust is starting to blow.
blowing dust
New Mexico
        We crossed into New Mexico and I had tuned our CB radio on the the weather channel and they are reporting winds 35 to 50 mph with gusts to 70 mph (112 kph). Now we are beginning to feel the gusts and seeing more dust. We are now noticing trucks passing us that are leaning quite a bit from the wind.
trailer leaning from the wind
dust is blowing now
Sheriff slowing traffic down 
        By now we are travelling about 55 mph (speed limit is 75 mph) and noticing a few more gusts. Sure glad for our newer tires, Koni shocks and new sway bar bushings! Our coach is handling this very well.
visibility getting low
        But as the winds blow harder and dust is really blowing, visibility getting much worse, and supposed to keep getting worse until 9 pm, we decided to stop for the day in Deming, New Mexico, about 12:30, We make plans but they can change at any given moment, that's the beauty of this lifestyle.
Main Street Deming New Mexico, blowing dust.
169 miles today, we went from A to B today, C was our destination
        Last fall we stayed at the Walmart here, but because of the weather decided to check into the Wagon Wheel Rv park. Nothing fancy but 30 or 50 amp service, water, sewer, cable tv and free wifi. We were sheltered from the wind, a drive thru site so we don't have to disconnect the car, very friendly manager, we even got a free pen and only $18.50 a night. More than we usually pay but still not a bad price, works for us. When the dust stops blowing we will be able to see the interstate from here.
Wagon Wheel only $18.50 a night
more blowing dust, we should be looking at the interstate.
we are sheltered for the night
        Now set up and comfortable, reading, computing,  researching, blogging, thinking about making supper and watch a bit of tv afterwards, sure is nice to travel in our house on wheels. That saying "Home is where we park it" sure applies.

        Time to cook, something we love and have not had for a while, liver and onions with mashed potatoes and the rest of our coleslaw. This is a meal that either you hate it or love it, no in between, when I ran my restaurant, for 10 years, this was one of my best selling specials. Usually one half of a couple either hates or loves it and it cannot be cooked at home.
this took care of another craving, yummy for us!
        Supper done, showers taken, tanks are dumped, water hose disconnected, books are read and tv is watched, we can leave when the mood strikes us in the morning, as long as the weather (wind and dust) conditions are suitable. Or maybe not we will see!
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  1. Gotta love those tail winds. Good thing it was blowing with ya & not at ya. Don't think we have ever encountered a dust storm...yet.

  2. Al:
    Was pretty good behind us , but the dust storm jsut starting, we got off the road, our first one in six years.

  3. And so the migration begins. Certainly a good idea to get off the road. No need to hurry.

  4. Whew that was just another adventure, eh? We always check weather before going on the road. If wind is in the making we just don't go. Life is too precious for that. Had a mighty blow over here at Wickenburg over the last too days as well. And the wind was just icy. Muct've been a Canadian, eh?

  5. Brutal indeed. Glad you decided to stop. Safety first.

  6. So glad you got off the road. Those gusts can knock you off and you never realize how bad they are until it's too late We've been through that area several times and always admire the rocks too. We've seen the signs but never encountered a dust storm through there. I can imagine it would be pretty bad

    I love liver and onions but don't think most do.

  7. I love liver and onions. My aunt taught me to eat it with some bacon and a little dollop of mustard on the side.

  8. My Dad loved liver and Mom used to make it for him when no one else was in the house or planned to visit for a few days:) Glad you made it safely to NM, I hate driving in the wind and probably would have pulled off the road much sooner than you did...good driving!

  9. Well we checked the weather in the morning and it did not look too bad, west wind 30 mph no problem, but by noon the gusts began happening and the dust storms, so we just pulld over and stayed at a new place for the night, kinda fun.

    Got to cook our liver and onions and relax..

  10. WoW!!! just like when we were coming through but the other way! Must be windy through that area a lot - thus the need for all the signs.

    Super surprised that the liver was so popular! yikes!

  11. What a day on the road. Our little Class C is horrible in the winds. Glad yours behaves.
    Funny thing, our rig behaves better when we have the car in tow... I guess the car anchors the back end a little.
    You are right about only one half of a couple liking L and O.
    Teresa hates it, so I NEVER get it...LOl

  12. TnT:

    Our class C was terrible too no matter what I did, the Class A chassis was designed for this type of use, so will handle much better.


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