Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunshine, Yes!!!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        This morning its drizzling a bit, but I knew it was goon gonna clear up. So early morning coffees, computing and walkabouts check out a bit more of the resort. Its been around here for a long time. 
Old stone bunkhouse
interesting history of the pool
soon to be cleaned and filled for the summer
         We know we are in Texas when we see these grill guards on almost every pickup truck in the state. I asked a friendly camper the reason for them and originally they were for ranchers to protect the front of their trucks and for protection against wildlife on night time highways. He tells me they have become more of a fad, does he really need it? he says no.
looks pretty mean
        Just puttering around for a bit then skies began to clear! Beautiful azure skies and wonderful sunshine came back, so nice to see after it took 3 day vacation.
         With such a lovely day now we have to be outside, so its a good time to wash our coach and car, a bit of exercise, and fresh air then we can settle down and enjoy our books in the warm sunshine.
relaxing in the sun
         Its been a few days cooking inside because we have been travelling and the rainy weather, so today I pulled out our Weber and fired it up to frill a couple pork chops with potatoes and onions in foil for a nice tasty supper.
        Now this weather is more what we are used to all winter, enjoying it while we can.
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  1. You aren't far from Waco. In Waco there is the original Dr. Pepper Museum and the Texas Rangers Museum. Both of those are fantastic places to visit --- if you have time.

  2. Nice looking camping site. Sure an interesting history of the pool. Glad the sunshine found you again. Have a great week!

  3. Wanderin':

    Thanks for the tip, will probably check them both out, next week we will be in Lake Whitney.

    Allen and Lolita:

    Yes even the old buildings etc.. are nice.

  4. Thanks for sharing the info on the pool, stuff we learn, eh!

  5. Contessa:

    We se lotsa neat stuff in our travels.

  6. been off the grid with the blogging ..poor wifi ...glad to see your still eating 'pretty' food :) safe out there

  7. Glad to see you had a great day.

    As usual, your rig and car look awesome !!

    Take care ... Tnt

  8. Elaine and TnT:

    Pretty tasty too, thanks for stopping by.


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