Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 30, 2012

On the road again!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we tonight ?

        Another great nights sleep, and up early as usual, coffees, computing and a walkabout, showers then secure our rig getting ready to hit the road. A later start than usual (10 am) but we are only travelling about 5 hours and stopping for the night at a Flying J Travel Plaza in West Memphis. Don't need to get there too early, we are just staying in the parking lot.
278 miles today
        A nice travel day, slightly overcast not windy but still pretty warm (we like warm!)
unplugging from power, this friendly little fellow says hi!
here is the large group of kids from last night, all having breakfast
a nice drive along I-30 eastbound
Arkadelphia, " A great place to call home!" Love their water tower.
        We arrived about 3:15 pm fueled up our coach and got parked for the night.
fueled up here
Now we could park here between the trucks, Not gonna happen!!
a nice quiet spot to park here
         Checked emails, set up tv, walkabout and heated up a Shepherds pie I made the other day, for a couple nice easy meals on the road.
yep, a nice tasty home cooked meal and no dishes for Suzie!
         No, sis we are not going to Graceland again, been there, done that a few years ago. Was neat and glad we did. We are just not the Elvis fans that you are.

        We had a great relaxing day on the road, don't need to travel too far do we ? We are at home wherever we are, so lets enjoy the lifestyle, even if it is a parking lot. But we did get to see a sunset. Go figure, its in a parking lot and not on one of our great campsites, but we will take all the sunsets we can get.
sunsets are good!
        Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. I liked your nice quiet site. The one between the trucks didn't seem a good option!!

  2. Quite happy that in four and a half years we have never overnighted at a Flying J!

  3. Nasty wet weather up here today. Will improve heading into next weekend.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It'sabout time.

  4. Wanderin' :

    You are right, not an option.

    Kevin and Ruth:

    We don't mind for the odd night, Pretty quiet, and Suzie feels more secure in a lighted parking lot.

    Rick and Kathy:

    Just improving that weather we be back on Thursday.

  5. Amazing thing about sunsets, they just happen over and over but it's up[ to us to find them.

  6. Hey, camping at the campground across from Graceland is fun, even if you don't tour Graceland again! But there's other things to do in Memphis. Beale Street is interesting, and we especially liked the Stax Museum last year, although it is in a sketchy part of town (a lot of Memphis is kind of sketchy though).

    I wasn't a big Elvis fan when I was younger, but I've been to Graceland twice, and am fascinated by the place and the story, and Elvis' untimely preventable death. I was also fascinated by his birthplace in Tupelo when we visited there last year.

    He had a one of a kind voice, that's for sure. A lot of his music is junk, but the good stuff is really really good!

    Travel safe, see you soon!

  7. Contessa:

    Yep sunsets everywhere and each one different too:


    I agree with you about Elvis. We did see most of Memphis last time we were there and did enjoy it.

  8. We see you guys are in our foot steps. Enjoy the warm weather down there. Up here, still chilly, especially at night. Not too bad in the sun though!
    Safe travels!

  9. Peter and Bea:

    Yes we are enjoying the warm weather as long as we can. Keep warm there .


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