Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Weather still yucky so lets drive...

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Good sleep last night at Walmart in Midland Texas. We are ready to hit the road early but the local weather says could be icy bridges  etc.. So we compute a bit, coffees and a walkabout Walmart, Its freezing outside and still windy. But by 8:45 its all the way up to 38f, lets hit the road. I-20 eastbound.
287 miles today
        Yep its still a bit windy but not too noticeable driving, just take our time and listening to our hits from the 60's thanks to our satellite radio.The wind farms are doing well and we really notice it when we stop at the rest areas, wow get blown away!
         We passsed this tow truck pulling a tractor trailer out of a gully between the bridges, but for the life of me could not see any skid marks, broken guard rails or disturbed grass in the median. How did he get there?
hmmm..... how did he get there?
        Love the Texas rest areas, easy off, easy on,  walkabout stretch and a bite to eat.
here we stopped for a nice relaxing lunch
         May as well keep driving, too yukky to do much else and when we reach our destination we are set up for a week.
more I-20
        Finally shortly after 1 pm we are off the interstate heading thru some beautiful Texas back country, thru Stephensville population 15,000 .
nice back roads 

Stephensville Town square
nice old buildings
more nice country driving, AND green grass!
         Wow green grass, fields and leaves on the trees, we have not seen green almost all winter in the desert, really appreciate it now!

Coming into Glen Rose, maybe check this place out.
         Thru the town (Glen Rose, south of Fort Worth Texas), just our size population 2,000, love small towns. Then onto Tres Rios Resort, check in and get set up, relax, its still raining. This is a membership resort so we do not pay and get full hookups and huge sites, nothing fancy but clean, friendly and lotsa room. We could stay for two weeks, but choose only one week, then onto the next two resorts a week at a time, check em all out and visit different areas.

huge sites
        So now all setup, but had a problem with our slide out, I need to realign it, but its open for now I will fiddle with it when the weather gets better.

        Now an easy supper, leftover chicken pot pie, tossed salad and crescent roll filled the  gap and now put our feet up for the night.
love the leftovers
        Gotta love this lifestyle, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Welcome to Glen Rose... the town square is a nice place to wander around... not very big, but fun to visit. Also, if you have time, head into the the town square of Granbury. Lots of fun shops... even a wine tasting place.. and a great kitchenware shop. Sorry about the weather... maybe it will get niceer before you head out.

  2. The Old Essay:

    Thanks for the welcome and tips, we will most likely check those places out.

  3. In Midland TX, did you notice a petroleum odour in the area? We had that when staying one night in a decaying RV-Park. It is also birthplace of the overly popular George W.Bush.
    We also like the green scenery when getting out of the desert. Here, at Wickenburg, even the desert turns green.
    Happy Trails!

  4. Peter and Bea:

    We did notice the odour passing by some area, no wonder with all the refineries there.

    We did notice some greenery in the desert, but much more here.

  5. can i ask what membership parks you belong to?

  6. Pennie:

    We have ROD (Resorts of Distinction). AOR( adventure Outdoor Resorts) and Coast to Coast. Works really great for us being fulltime rv'ers! we are in this resort under ROD free camping no nightly fee for up to two times twice a year).

  7. You are moving east so fast......maybe the wind blew that semi over??

  8. Contessa:

    We slow down for a couple weeks now, we did have over 3,000 miles to do. Don't think the wind was that bad we had no problems, and no tire marks etc.. anywhere that we saw.

  9. Those membership campgrounds sure do work out well for you !!

    Wish we had those kinds of parks in Saskatchewan.

    Enjoy your stay !!

  10. TnT:

    We have access to over 700 membership parks works for us.


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