Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, March 09, 2012

A little less wind and a lot more miles

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?
         Yesterday we stopped at noon because of the very high winds and dust storms. Good thing we did , I-10 was closed a short while after we got off, zero visibility. We enjoyed the day and up early this morning, skies are clear, visibility awesome and not much wind. So on the road at 7 am to go as far as we felt like. Well we ended up doing 407 miles all the way to Midland Texas arriving at a nice Super Walmart at 3:30pm. An unusually long travel day for us, but went well.
407 miles today
nice clear skies this morning
        Not much wind and the driving was awesome, a few small gusts here and there, but we really only noticed it when we got out at the rest areas and were blown away, this coach is now handling awesome, but I told you that yesterday already.
La Cruces New Mexico
nice rest area
rv parking and Doggy potti, gotta love it!
        Got to send this picture to Suzie's brother in Ontario he is a dairy farmer!
Love the sign, DRINK More Milk!
good driving day
         Pecos Texas home of the first Rodeo.

these oil pumps are everywhere, scattered like cows in a field
                 We actually had a good driving day, it was cold and windy, not too windy to drive thou, visibility was good  and lotsa rest areas. So we had lotsa rests...... Lunch, snacks , walkabouts and pulled into the Walmart, like I said at 3:30pm but actually 4:30 Texas time. So checked with security to make sure it was ok and a few other rigs pulled in as well. Right next to us a couple from Sarnia Ontario, 40 minutes from our home park, again a small world. We had a short happy hour , whipped up a chicken pot pie (left over BBQ chicken) and popped it in the oven.
ready for the oven
so easy and tasty with some leftovers
yep did the trick and  no dishes
        Turned on our  propane heater and enjoyed a nice tasty supper, snuggled in to read some, compute some, and a bit of tv, a nice relaxing evening.

        Off to a new membership campground tomorrow for a week (love free camping) somewhere south west of Dallas Texas ( I will let you know when I find out). I just drive this house, Suzie tells me where to go! Works great for us.

        Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. We've done some of those 400-500 mile days. They aren't fun but when you're moving they get the miles behind you.

    There are also a couple COE parks in south Fort Worth area that are fantastic. Keep us posted on your new membership park.

  2. Whoa, you are a real road warrior aren't you ... lol.
    Sometimes if you stop for a lot of breaks, and there is nothing you want to see, you can drive all day.
    Safe travels to you and Suzie

  3. Wander:

    We don't often do long days, but today now we get tp park for a week and relax. Thanks for tip on COE parks.


    I always stop to stretch almost every rest area, inspect the coach and car then carry on. we have seen all we want in this area and cold weather so we just sail right thru,

  4. Got your wind way down here, blew our dish off course!

  5. Contessa:

    Looks like lotsa wind almost everywhere.


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