Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 23, 2012

Moving on down the road to Arkansas, nice travel day.

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Today we are going to be on the road. You know something, we are always up early everyday, like 5 or 6 am. But today for some reason we both slept in until 8:10am!! Unheard of for us, but not a big deal, instead of being on the road for 9 like usual we got underway about 10 am, stopped in Whitney to fuel our rig and hit the back roads to Ashdown Arkansas. 280 miles today is the plan. A long day for us but when we get there we will stop for a week and enjoy 7 more days of free membership camping and great weather too. Gonna be in the high 80's ,, yeah!!!!!!
280 miles today
nice back roads
this lady passed us on her Pink scooter, cool eh?
like the Lucky puppy sign 
a trailer load of goats in front of us 
nice toy
enjoying the back roads thru Texas
Reminded me of the "Last Train to Clarksville" by the Monkeys
lots of flooding in the creeks here
nice car " Chevelle"
Texas bridges with the Texas Star
cruising by at 70 MPH, no  helmuts here 
another Pink cycle
here we are about 3:45pm
All set up nice huge site
bugs loving us today
        Now we relaxed a bit and decided to check out the, country club bar and restaurant on the resort. Not to often we get one of these but its now after 5 pm , time for a bite to eat anyway, so lets go.
         Very nicely renovated since the last time we were here. Clean with friendly staff and patrons. Not  extensive menus but they had cold beer, and home made burgers and fries.
nice pool room
full bar
         We both ordered the home made burgers with fries, they were huge! Very reasonably priced too. Excellent service, the bar tenders and locals chatted with us "Canadians" making us feel very welcome here.
I was told to eat my food not take a picture of it, so I did as told.
Even our waitress "Kasssi" wanted her picture taken with my hat.
        It sure is nice to go into a restaurant where the staff takes an interest in their customers, everybody was introduced to everybody else by the waitress, (one big happy family) and they actually enjoy working there.

        Now a nice filling supper, back home to read , and relax a while with a bit of tv. I know we will enjoy it here. But then we enjoy everywhere we go.

        Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. I like the pink scooter and bike, you never see that around here (because if you did you know I'd have one!)

    Lots of nice toys in this sightseeing trip!

  2. Lou:

    As soon as I saw the Pink bikes I thought of you!

  3. It certainly was an exciting day of driving, lots to see. Nice RV park, enjoy!

  4. Hi George and Suzi !!

    We are just getting caught up on our blog reading since getting home.

    Wow, it looks like you have a great resort here. Not too many restaurants are that much fun !!

    Snowing in Regina today, so please send some sunshine our way !!

    Take care ... Trent

  5. TnT:

    Yes a fun place to go and right here on the resort, is a bonus.

    Snow ! wow, you got home too soon I think. Come back down for nice weather.

  6. Contessa:

    Yes and very nice resort and its ROD too, free campin.


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