Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A few more miles north

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America 
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we tonight ?

        I had a wonderful night at the Flying J in West Memphis Arkansas. I got a good nights sleep, mainly because I am deaf, (ok, hearing impaired to be politically correct). I just take our my hearing aids and all is great ! Suzie did hear some traffic noise and she did not have a good nights sleep like I did, (I do have some advantages).

        Up early as usual , coffees, computing, the morning news and a walkabout the Flying J then hit the road about 7:40m. Heading north on I-55 and I-57  thru Missouri to Effingham Illinois . 317 miles today. 

317 Miles today
Missouri Welcome Center

Nice welcome center 
nice roads , remind me of northern Ontario
blossoms in the trees " Springtime"

rest area

        In Effingham we fueled up again at the Flyng J, mainly because their prices are good, they have RV islands and we have a Frequent fueler rv card gives us another 2 cents a gallon discount.

        We got here in good time, before 2 o'clock, so after fueling we went across the road to park in a Walmart for tonight. Well got the OK from management to stay the night and wandered about the store for a bit and checked out all the other places around. So many stores and restaurants  that we can walk to. 

         Now we can relax a bit, a  small happy hour with the two of us and walk over for supper. Of course they are all chain restaurants, but thats ok. The closest one was not busy at all. But across the road it was very busy, (happy hour helps) so lets go there.

        Happened to be TGI Fridays and yes they were busy at 4. 30 but we got a seat right away. Munched on a an appetizer, Suzie had chicken with mashed taters and of course my favourite suicide wings, fries, celery with blue cheese dip. A cold brew  to wash it all down then after a lot of fun, we can walk back home to relax for the evening. While we were here a wedding party also arrived to enjoy the fun times as well.

flatbread appetizers
Suzie's too much chicken, yep we have leftovers
got my wings! (no leftovers)
        Then back home to read, compute a bit and relax for the rest of the evening. Yep it was just another great day. Oh we brought desert home to enjoy a bit later in front of the tv.
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  1. Missouri Welcome Centre looks really nice! Brings back fond memories of our two trips to Florida - the American Welcome Centres are really pretty good, aren't they?!

  2. I love seeing all the green grass and the beautiful Dogwoods in bloom. It's very different than the deserts of the south. Enjoy your route home.

  3. Nice to see the good weather is following you still. Sure some beautiful spring flowers. Fridays looked like a good pick for a bite out.

  4. I appreciate that you're willing to take the pictures and put them together for a little travelogue. Fun to follow along.

  5. Lou:
    Yes love the Welcome centres here, they really make you feel welcome!


    Love the Blooms and thanks for identifying the the flowers for us.

    Allen and Lolita:

    Yes the meal was a fun time and the weather awesome!


    The pictures really tell the whole story much more than my words can.


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