Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Wonderful day a bit of Rain, some motocross, Bill's planes, tasty fish and chips

Where are we today ? 
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     The rain stopped about 6 pm last night and we enjoyed a very nice warm evening reading outside until about 8:30pm then a good nights sleep.
     Got my first walkabout at 7:30 this morning down the lane and heading east over the hill, a nice change of scenery.
      I have noticed lately that my camera is not taking very sharpe pictures anymore like it used to. Hmmm. Maybe the 8 years and over 1 million photos has something to do with it, not sure, I will change a few settings and see if that makes any difference . Took some photos today with my I-Phone , think they are better. I-Phone pics say so in the caption, tell me what do you think if you notice?
Bull rushes near the end of the laneway
a nice quite walk now heading back to  THE RIDGE
nice country side here
Crab apples on the roadisde
     Back to the ridge and Bill is playing with his large plane, having issues starting the engine, probably because he had not fired it up in over a year he thinks.
hmm think about its some more
    I did a quick trip to Durham to fill our RO water jug and back home for lunch. While I was gone Patsy, was showing Pat, Suzie and Rose how she melts wax and make her fire starters.
    Suzie took a few pics for me, thanks Suzie
melting the wax on their Weber Q
wax and sawdust into cardboard egg cartons
when cooled Patsy cuts them up and wraps in wax paper
     We had an early lunch and I wanted to head up to the Moto Cross facility where grandson number four is this week , only 25 minutes away. Rob and George came along for the ride as well.

Rob and George
i-phone pic 
with all the mud I can see he is having a ball,
camera pic
I-phone pic
him and buddy heading for lunch
i phone 
the lunch spot
i phone
   Then we watched a few older riders taking a lot of air on their bikes, these 2 pics are taken with the iPhone
great  jump
       We enjoyed watching these guys for a bit more, and I enjoyed seeing my grandson again and his smiling face, I am sure he is having a ball.
      On the way back we drove though the conservation area to check it out looks like a nice family camping place and they do have a sewage dump station that we will probably use when leaving here.
nice campground back in the bush
     We got back from the Moto Cross fun and Bill still working on his plane, getting closer then shorty afterwards he has it fired up and from here sounds pretty good. But what do I know?
      Then Suzie and I enjoyed our e-readers on a wonderful afternoon in the shade then about 3:30 some drizzle , so we put pour chairs away and headed inside for a while waiting for it to let up.
       Then at 4:30 pm the rain let up and the 8 of us headed into Durham for a fish and chip feast at the Riverside Diner. 
         The rest of my pics were taken with my i-phone
got there just before 5 pm and not too busy yet
reasonably priced
Me, Suzie, Rose and George
      Table behind us  the other guys sat.
Pat, Rob, Patsy and Bill
nice portions cooked to order , fish is Alaskan Pollock
 same fish I served for 10 years fun my restaurant
 always loved it
     Supper done and we headed back to the Ridge, except George and Rose out to visit family. Now we enjoyed an ice cream cone thanks to Patsy and Bill, did not need it but was very tasty. Thanks guys.
pralines and cream 
Now about 7:30 we decided it was cooling down and time to head on home kick back and relax for a quiet evening, suited everyone just fine.    
      Another fun day here at the Ridge with friends, more laughs and good food.
       After 2 great  meals out for us 2 days in a row that we enjoyed, think we need to get back on track again. Our usual salads and portion control.
     Thanks for stopping in for a visit always nice to hear from you again.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Sounds like a fun time you and Suzie have been having visiting with friends at the Ridge. The pictures you have posted, along with Patsy's, show what looks like good friends enjoying each others company.
    A bike and a track with mud and jumps what more can a young boy ask for. A good looking young man by the way.

    1. We are having areal good time their wonderful Ridge with good friends.
      Yes he is a good looking young man and in his glory on the bike, playing in the mud.

  2. The good days just keep on stacking up this summer.
    The fish and chips were great, I should just order 2 pcs. of fish, that would work for me. :)
    Nice that you can see your grandson while this close. He is a cutey.

    1. Yes the good days this summer have been amazing gotta lot it!
      The fish and chips were excellent, but when I like the fries too they are a treat for me.
      I was nice to be able to see him when he is so close.

  3. So yes, I think your camera is a goner. Several images are blurry. On mine, I push it down halfway to focus, and then the rest of the way to take the picture. If I do it too fast, it doesn't have time to focus and they come out blurry. If that's not the problem, then you need a new camera!! You're going to laugh, I always wanted to ride motorcycles like that. It's cool your grandson gets to have so much fun. Dinner looks delicious!!

    1. Mine works the same way push it halfway down to focus, and seems to but guess it is gone, but I have another one exactly the same, takes great pictures but the display is half gone, think maybe I get it fixed?
      I had motorcycles as a kid and did some of that way back when , had a ball. Think if I did it again I would really do some major damage to ME now !
      Dinner was excellent.

  4. Another great day you had! Again your grandson is adorable..he must get that smile from you! Dinner looked delicious ! Nice the ladies got tutored in firestarter making! I think all your pics look good, but again you've seen mine! haha.

    1. It was a great day and seeing him again a real treat for me.
      Will see what I can do about the pictures.
      The ladies did have fun I am sure.

  5. Ah, dirt bikes, reminds me of my younger days. Thankfully I never jumped my bikes that high, the suspension back in those days would never have forgiven me! :c)

    1. Yes I did a lot of that back then too, not quite as high either but was still fun.

  6. My camera is older than yours, but I just can't part with my old Canon even tho it is ancient by today's standards. But I only take 'snapshots' so it's good enough. I think both your camera and iPhone pics are fine, they convey the story and preserve the memory.
    Another great day with friends, family and the motocross-kid.

    1. They do convey preserve the memories and that's what I want.
      Hard for me to part with this one too.
      It was a wonderful that we all enjoyed.

  7. I like the iPhone!! I use my eye phone more than my camera these days!!
    Another great day for you and Suzie!!
    Got to catch up...I’ve been nursing Mike’s ruptured disc!! Whew...he’s been in pain!!!!

    1. I do too. nice to catch up and glad that you are taking care of Mike.

  8. I found your blog George. Looks like you are having fun. I like the phone pictures too.

    1. Hey Loree glad that you found us again. We are having a ball here, too bad you not here too!

  9. I would take several photos with both the iphone and the camera. Take the same exact picture and then you can do a proper comparison. Try a landscape, a portrait and perhaps an object like your car. Stand in the same place to take the photos then you can really see what is what.

    1. I have actually done that and the phone does a better job overall.


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