Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Airplanes, Trucks , good Friends and fun times.

Where are we today ? 
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    Here we are at the Ridge enjoying this wonderful weather, Temps perfect for sleeping and day time exactly what we enjoy.
        First walkabout down the lane way and along the quiet country roads around the corner and back about 1.6 miles tao get me going.
       Ok today I am going to play with my i-phone taking pictures, not as handy as my camera but will see how I do.
gotta be careful what I take a picture of
     I dug out my old camera same as this one and check them out It still takes good pictures but the LCD screen has gone funky can't see what I am taking.To have it repaired will coast almost as much as a new one, so thinking I get a new camera then take these apart and see if I can make one good camera.
the left one has funky monitor
         Bill was outside playing with his planes so went to see how he was doing, Still working on his big plane with minor engine trouble. But he took a break and showed me more of this large plane with the wings on and even gave me some classroom flying lessons and how these things fly, amazing machines they are!
would love to see this in the air, but too big to fly here
      After my flying lesson from Bill I went into Durham to get the laundry taken care of quick and easy, finishing up a book while the machine do their magic. Back home Suzie puts it away and we enjoyed a light lunch then checked Bill sill Plane playing he has lots to work on.
this white plane is ready to flying
      So he took George out to give us a demonstration of his flying skills.

back in for a safe landing

        Now with chores done and lunch time to get back into some more reading , Finished my Baldacci book "Guilty" and started on this 5 book boxed set by Scott Pratt, that was sent to us from fellow rver and friend , Croft over there on Canada's left coast. Thanks Croft just getting into this ands really grabbed me.

more great reading
     A while later our friends Roib and Pat and he brought along his truck for me to check out, It was his Uncle Charlie's that he inherited over a year ago.  This is a 1973 GMC one ton pickup that had been sitting for 20 years in Uncle Charlie's  the back yard. Rob set to work cleaning it up and some body work and a new paint job, What a nice looking truck it is and only 19,000 original miles on it.

original 350 V-8 hardly broken in
looks wonderful
looks like a new truck
Rob even found the running boards still
 in the original box never installed
     And now a real treat for me to take it for a drive. WOW. sure bring back memories.  Standard transmission, no power steering and the suspension of a one one truck with no weight on it. 
now this is cruising

all original seats still look like new
after 45 years

what a fun drive
   Then it was time for Happy hour oppose d to rain blu did not happen , BONUS!

     Soon time to whip supper. so a tasty salad and some store made garlic sausage I go at the Food Land Durham, very tasty.
very tasty supper hit the spot
looks like Patsy has some sunflowers
     Heck it's still a nice night so gather round the campfire for a while and tell more lies and a few laughs. Always fun with these good friends.
Bill has a nice fire going
then we even had a pretty decent  sunset to wrap up a full fun day
did not take long for us to crash so the sporting is later
      That was our fun day here at the Ridge with friends and wonderful weather. Hope you enjoyed you day as well and thanks for stopping by.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. I like the picture of "farmer George" in the old pickup.

  2. That's a good looking truck. Young drivers these days are missing out on bench seats and having their honey ride cozied up to them

  3. Those are great pics of Bill and his planes! Love the red pickup! Comparing that interior to our 73 Dodge is amazing. Ours needs a lot of work but gotta love that interior. You look good in the truck! How fun. Great looking dinner and a nice fire with friends is always wonderful!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, and sure love that truck in amazing shape.
      The whole day was a lot of fun.

  4. Another great day in Paradise. Soon the party will be breaking up.
    Looking forward to a hot weekend.

    1. Ir sure was an awesome day. The winding down with a hot weekend is perfect !
      Thanks for this great camping spot.

  5. I love that you all get together, yet kind of do your own thing. Those planes are amazing .. sure would like to try flying one. That truck? Wow ... the only part that would bother me is no power steering!! You and your iPhone seem to be doing just fine when it comes to pictures. These are great!!

    1. Thanks Nancy we do seem to get along quite well being this close and still having our space.
      No power steering gives your arms some needed exercise. I am getting used to the phone for taking pictures.

  6. Bill did a fine job on the Mulligan airplane and Rob has a great looking truck.

    1. Bill has done a great job on all his planes, and yes that is a beauty of a truck for sure.

  7. Great truck, the old GMC has that classic look of a work truck. Good luck with your camera repairs.

    1. Thanks Jeff , it is a classic truck, than camera repairs I can five it a try when I get a new one.

  8. Great photos of you George, definitely keepers. Your iphone is doing a great job. Keep us posted on the camera repairs.

    1. thanks Contessa I will be keeping them. The I-phone works but not as convenient as my camera. I can try the repairs, will have nothing to loose.

  9. It will be interesting to see you turn two cameras into one. The old truck looks better than my 2012 car!

    1. It is worth try with the cameras they are not much good the way they are.
      That truck does look amazing for it's age.

  10. Sounds like you're having a great time up there. This week's weather will suit you fine!

    1. Yes Stew we are having a ball and the weahaer just the way we like it !


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