Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

New camera YEAH ! and a nice visit from a longtime friend

Where are we today ? 
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      Just another wonderful sleep last night, windows open and so peaceful here after a busy day and a busy week at Bill and Patsy's on the Ridge. Did have some rain overnight that I did not hear it (as usual) but filled my rain bucket.
     First walkabout town for just over a mile then home to stop by Daughter Number 2s to drop on the i-phone our grandson left at the Moto Cross camp last week. I am sure he misses it!
nice walkabout town and make just the mourning doves
cooing in the trees
          Daughter #2 met at the front door, at 9 am the house is still sleeping, Nice to see her again and our newest grandauther.
soon time for her to go for a nap
      From here I headed in to Kitchener to get a new digital camera. I have really loved the other ones, so rugged, dust proof, drop proof and waterproof to 15 feet., Easy to use and take pretty good pictures for a point and shoot. This one is the same as my last two, (just an newer generation) that have taken well over a million pictures over the years and small enough to just stick in my vest or pockets and snap pics whenever I want.
the same as the last two , just a newer version
now I have 3 chargers and 3 batteries and lots of sd cards
should be good for a good while again
    Taking a few pics to see how it works and I like the quality of these pictures again.
      I got back home by 11 am and was expecting a very good friend of mine to come and visit, it has been well over a year since we last saw him at my mom's funeral. We have both been busy (being retired) and was nice that he could take the 2 hour drive here to catch up . Jim is into fishing (with Muskie Canada) and hunting moose and bear.. Not something I do but he has done for years.
here comes Jim down the road
     We have been friends since our early teens, and did so many things together from working on cars with him, and working on the cars we had back then even before we are old enough to drive. So many memories from back in the 60's.
this be Jim looks the same as always
just a little greyer like me
that be us us buddies for over 50 years
      Growing up in the outskirts of Toronto (Scarborough) we worked on bicycles, walked and enjoyed our parents fresh baked cookies for us and we were inseparable for many years .
     Worked on our cars together he had a couple and I had many. the first big project was the 1956 ford my grandfather gave me when I was 14 years old. It ran pretty good but need some TLC. I had 2 years to get it all together before I could get my driver's license at 16. So we set work tearing it apart, lotsa body work new fenders, rocker panels quarter panels, trunk floor, new clutch, engine work , brakes, new dual exhaust (loud hollywood mufflers), and finally a nice paint job. wish I had it now !
this was partway into the rebuild
this was the finished product, loved this car
        When the car was done and i got my driver's licence on my 16th birthday, Jim and I cruised around Scarborough, A&Ws and so on, on the friday and saturday nights , and a few trips to Wasaga Beach, cruising for chicks on the beach, thats what 16 year olds did back then. We did not drink but would stop at the A&W pick up a gallon of root beer and carry on, We had fun.
        Then later that first summer we went to the CNE in Toronto and cruised around the CNE grounds having a ball. Actually picked up a couple of girls and that was it for me. The girl I hooked up with eventually ended up being my first wife 2 years later. We had 2 children and a busy life as I worked and worked too much, (bought 2 houses by the time I was 21). Then that ended, but Jim was still there, I least I have 2 beautiful children that are now amazing adults and have given us some wonderful grandchildren.
      Well we really caught up with our lives and over 3 hours later it was time for him to head on back home again. Promising each other that we will keep in touch and try more often, we are not getting any younger.
now we enjoyed our e-readers for a while and took a few more pics
playing with my new camera
    Soon time for supper, so grilled a nice porkloin  roast on our grill mat about 30 minutes to 145f internal temp. was very tasty. As I was prepping the salad the sun was shining and we had a heavy rainfall for a but 5 minutes.
nicely glazed
added to our salad and some apple sauce, was perfect
   It was pretty good day and hot for most of it but we had shade. so nice to see Jim again and we will have to make a point of getting together more often.
   After supper and dishes outside reading and posting this blog until almost 9 pm. Soon time to call it  a night.
    Thanks for dropping by for a peek.

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  1. Great memories with old friend and your bonding.

    1. Yes we have had great memories over the years, did a lot of things together.

  2. Nice for Jim to visit and a great catchup. Life is short so a good plan to visit each other more often.
    Congrats on the new camera. Unless you start throwing out the old ones, you'll soon need a cupboard just for cameras! Right, Suzie?? :)

    1. It was nice to see Jim again, we will be getting together more often I am sure.
      The old ones are going to the electronic recycling place along with some old phones etc...

  3. How fun to have a best friend that's still around to have more fun and reminisce with. Glad you got a new camera ... I look forward to your pictures!!

    1. It is always nice to get together with Jim as we have done many times over the years. This camera is working good, so handy and liking the picture quality much better.

  4. Great that you have maintained a lifelong friendship - I can't say that.

    1. Yes it is wonderful that we have kept in touch all these years.

  5. I should have bought a camera like that, with the waterproof feature. Killed my camera by accidentally dropping it into a glass of soda. What a way to go, eh? ;c)

    1. Oh no drowning in a glass of soda, not fun :<(
      I like it just for that reason, desert dust, rain, the beaches etc.. it is a tough camera I don't need to worry about.

  6. It sounds like a great visit with an old friend, those are all nice to have :-)

    1. It has been fun over all these years, keeping in touch.

  7. The best days... Old friends and recalling the good times you had. You are blessed.

    1. Yes Peter I am blessed for sure , love hooking up with old friends over the years.


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