Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 12, 2018

A relaxing Sunny Sunday, enjoying the peace and quiet here.

Where are we today ?
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      What a great day we had yesterday and a later night at Pa Fest than usual, but after a really good nights sleep up pretty early, about 5:30 (I slept in a bit!).
         Just puttered around for a while got my morning coffees consumed then out for a quiet Sunday morning walkabout town. A couple of miles get me going and can now carry on with the rest of our day.
heading down River Road noticed
a large community of wild mushrooms
      Then a nice country drive over to pick up our mail and a short visit with Suzie's brother, SIL Sandy, her mom and dad and her brother and his wife. On the way back found out that the bridge on the Oxford/Waterloo road had been repaired after the spring floods and the road is open again, sweet ! The bridge is not suitable for the rv by fine for lighter and not so tall vehicles.
maximum hight 3.8 Metres (12.46 feet)
 we are11.9 feet but too wide
right across the bridge turn right down River road to our campsite
         Now time for lunch today Suzie requested a BLT, bacon, grilled on our Weber Q and some huge slices of fresh Beefsteak tomato (one slice covers a slice of bread). Love these huge beefsteak tomatoes!
nice to cook bacon here no cleanup
love these field fresh tomatoes so tasty
         Now what do we do? What ever we want. I git  a couple of short walkabouts then. Relax in the shade enjoying each other's company, read  for a bit, putter around. We are leaving in the morning so , check tire pressures, oil, put a few things away, enjoy this wonderful weather.  Suits us just fine.
nice a comfy here perfect for a warm Sunday afternoon
      I finished book 2  of this 5 books series about Joe Dillard , lawyer/prosecutor good murder mystery stories/ page turners. And decide I need to get into book number 3 .
this is book 3 of the series
each one has a different plot
    Then eventually time to whip up supper, (where does the time go?) tonight gonna grill some cod fish fillets to go with our salad, time to get back to less food and healthier eating.
love this cod fish , its been a while
and our salad sure hit the spot tonight
      After dishes done back outside. store our Weber Q, secure our awning and enjoying a nice warm evening. Finish this posting and do some more reading until time to head inside for the night.
     Want to thank you's for stopping in an hope you had a very nice sunny Sunday as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Another great day and with everything buttoned up for travel. Be safe out there!

    1. Thanks Jeff we ready to get going again, have to make these wheels turn.

  2. What a nice day spent with friends... and good food!

    1. Yes Cheri we had a wonderful day yesterday and a nice relaxing one today, ready to move on down the road again.

  3. I also made myself a nice piece of cod it's been awhile I sure enjoyed it

  4. Hard to beat a BLT with a good summertime tomato.

  5. I've never cooked bacon on the bbq. Time to try it out. I love the no cleanup part!! That sure is beautiful countryside.

    1. You can cook it on the grill mat our like this, preheat and turn to low, works pretty good.
      We do love the countryside here around southern Ontario small towns and farms.

  6. Love those huge tomatoes and that bacon looks wonderful! Time for you both to move on once again, you've been busy lately! Ma and Pa fest sure looked like fun!

    1. Nothing quite like these huge field beefsteak tomatoes.
      Gott move these wheels, thats why we have them.
      Ma and Pa Fest is always a good time.

  7. Safe travels, got to get the hitch itch taken care of!

    1. Gotta go somewhere to scratch that itch, even it is back to Rock Glen, we do enjoy it there for short visits.


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