Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Saturday and Sunday posting, bbq with friends, fish fry and a good band, we have been busy !

Where are we today ?
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     Wow we sure had a busy couple of days here with our friends. Friday night campfire with our friends from Hamilton and New York.
Made a pitcher of beer margaritas to share and did not take long for us
to consume it.
     For the beer Margarita recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog or there top right sidebar
John blowing on the fire
love this new Traeger Pellet BBQ that
Dick and Rae have
     Saturday noon a BBQ lunch with another 10 people we have known for years, And usually meet up with this week here. They are here this week, Hosted by Dick and Rae from South Dakota I believe. So nice to see everyone again and catchup..    
Dick cooking the burgers
we had so much food here was wonderful
what a feast we had
so nice to get together with everyone again
cinnamon apple crisp made by Bill
Liz Taylor made this amazing creamsicle desert so light and tasty
         We did get to read for a short bit this afternoon in the shade then at 5 pm a band started playing by the clubhouse, they were excellent and we could hear them perfectly from our site. 
love this series of books i got from Croft
          Then at 6 pm we went there for the fish fry with yet more friends, (large lake Perch) fresh cut fry's homemade coleslaw and a bun for only $10.00 what a feast, we could have shared one order, we brought almost a full order home.
they doing a great job cooking the fish and fries
a fun group here for the fish fry
so much great food for only 10 bucks
heading home we passed Roxy , the park mascot
getting ready for the wagon ride
the wagon rides here are always fun
we have been on a few
this 2 price band was excellent played tune that we enjoyed
           Listened to then band for a while until 8pm, when they quit, then back to join the campfire again with more friends, their last night here. A very large group that just kept expanding finally home for us about 10:30. We was whipped, right to bed.
a nice fire and more and more people kept coming
        Then Sunday morning walkabout by the pond love the warm weather, fountain and lillies
always nice here in the morning walkabouts
     We did not feel like heading to the pinery market this morning just a nice day to relax.
     A bit later our friends git back and had to pack up and head back to Hamilton and New York, Some people still have to work So we went down to say our good byes for now and will see them again soon.
Suzie played with Sadie Ann for a while and gave her some water
even got to hold her finally
         We chatted for a while then John and Wendy pulled out heading back home too.
John and Wendy leaving us for now
will se you guys on down the road again
     Happy hour was supposed to be some people stop by but they do not show, but we did have Nichole and Konner drop in for a while to chat  then I whipped up a light tasty supper. A couple of salmon fillets and a caesar salad hit the spot.
love our salmon on the grill
nice and light and tasty
did the trick
    We relaxed a bit more outside and were invited to 2 campfires tonight. But heck we are done. too many late nights that were are not used to (must be getting old!) so had to decline. Head inside kick back and call it an early night.
      Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us and if you missed yesterday's posting about our 12 year anniversary of full timing you can read about it at the tab top left of of our blog 12 Years Full-time.
That review is only about our full-time travels, in the 70's and 80's have travelled all across Canada to Vancouver Island northern states and Quebec, Maritime provinces and pretty well all on the New England Staes as well
      Time to call it a night and hop y'all had great day as well.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Another great gathering of friends and good foods to share. Altho from the PNW, neither salmon nor trout were readily available, but we always had plenty of perch, still a favorite, nice looking fillets.

    1. Yes Jeff it has been fun and filling and oh so tasty week here especially the weekend. Most of the fish we get here is frozen unless we can find a fish market, but even then their fish us usually previously frozen This hit the spot tonight.

  2. Any chance your friend would share her receipe for creamsicle desert?

    1. I can check with her see what I can do, It was wonderful.

  3. Now that was a busy weekend and looks like lots of great food. Yes what about that creamsicle dessert

    1. It sure was, I will check with Liz and see if she will share it.

  4. You have had a busy couple of days and with great food and lots of friends - hard to beat that.

    1. Yes Larry we sure did always fun to catch up with friends when we can.

  5. Party party!! Looks like you've been VERY busy! I love that picture of Suzie and Sadie Ann. I would frame it!!

    1. Yes Nancy we have been very busy, now time to relax and catch our breath again. It is an excellent picture of Suzie and Sadie Ann, I love it.

  6. The picture of Suzie holding Sadie Anne is just too cute! I could hardly keep up with you guys haha..great time with great friends! Does it get any better?! What awesome looking food and so much of it! The creamsicle dessert does look yummy!

    1. Yes guys it is very cute I love it. We had a fun time here as we always do. Too much food but we did manage. The creamsicle dessert was excellent.

  7. Sorry for the deleted comment, George. My fingers didn't type what I meant to type! haha
    It is wonderful to see friends having a great time. Lots of food, fires, music and friends.
    I hope Liz parts with her recipe, us ladies are all drooling over it. :)
    Cute pix of Suzie and Sadie.

    1. No problem Patsy, I removed it.
      As you know my fingers do that all the time.
      Always fun to catch up with everyone when we can. Always lots going on here. Soon things will quiet down again.
      If I can get the recipe from Liz I will pass it on.


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