Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Hanover small markets, and a nice hot day, chicken wings and fries for supper.

Where are we today ? 
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    More perfect sleeping weather overnight and I got up nice and early about 5 am to work on the blog posting from last night, for some reason the pictures were not posting and tried a few times. This morning I found that they eventually posted 2-3 times.
 I sorted that out and Fridays posting finally done.
  Then our neighbour and good friend Rob came over to enjoy some fresh perked coffee with us flapped our gums for a while then I headed out to the Moto Cross park to pick up the I-phone our grandson left behind yesterday.
on the way passed this interesting old building
love the style
    Back home by 9:30 and we soon headed into Hanover to check out the market and flea market , just because we could only on Saturday .
    This Garden market is small and mostly organic and prepared food, not something we were interested. in but a nice outing and not far anyways.
even had nice busker here playing some wonderful tunes
      Nothng we needed here but a nice day to check things out, and the landscaping was wonderful.
     From here down the road to check out the Flea market and as usual nothing we need there either. Checked out the Salvation army store and nope no treasures there either,
lots of DVD's for 4 bucks but none we needed either 
     Then to the Bread Deapot picked up a loaf of bread for Bill and Patsy , then headed back home again.
       Home for a light lunch and relaxed in the shade with our e-readers, The guys are making progress on Bill's new shed . But my back was giving me some issues so do not want to join them and make it worse. 4 of them thee doing a great job, so I just took a few pictures.
      Our good friends George and Rose secured their coach and headed down the road a short way to visit grandchildren in the area. Was nice to spend some time with them and am sure we will catch up down the road again. Maybe in Arizona if not Rock Glen.
board and batten on this side looking great
Bill is right into it as usual
     Then soon time to help Rob and Pat get ready for our chicken wings and homemade fries.  Not long to prep the fries and the wings
now we can relax and flap our gums for a while sharing stories
pouring oil in the fryer and heating it up
first batch of wings almost done

second batch into the fryer
we ready for a feast

43 wings cooked to perfection 
      While this was going on I grilled a couple of salmon fillets on our Weber Q.
salmon dne nicely
patsy reading in the shade
we ready
yummy , wings , fries, celery carrots , hot sauce and blue cheese

in the shade of Bill and Patsy's trailer it was a very hot day 
       Now not only that but an amazing cherry cheesecake that Patsy made. Took me right over the top.
this was excellent thanks Patsy
them some time playing with Clemson,'
he gets so wound up with Rob
      Not a bad day at all enjoying this wonderful sunshine and hot weather exactly what I love, more than a lot of people but feels so good.
      Want ot thank y'all for dropping by and enjoying our day right along with us.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Not that was a dinner spread!! GREAT looking wings!! Bill's shed is coming right along. I'm really attracted to those old buildings. That looks like it was a shop downstairs with living quarters up top. I want to buy all of them and fix them up!!

    1. It was a great feast of wings, fries and fish, with Patsy's cheese cake to finish it up perfectly.
      I love those old buildings too, over the years I fixed ups few myself always a challenge and fun.

  2. The farmers market was cute, but I could see why you didn't need anything..some of those prices WOW..Bill's shed is looking good, coming together nicely! Sometimes you can have too many people working on a project and then you're stepping over one another. Dinner looked awesome! Nice to have a get together like that here and there! Party on!

    1. It was a cute market , nothing we wanted there but a nice outing. I only so many cooks in the kitchen or building site.
      We are have a great fun here.

  3. It was a very hot day but the guys forged onward with the shed and accomplished a lot.
    Dinner was great, a shared event.
    Good times!

    1. It was a hot day, too hot to be working in it for me.
      Glad you enjoyed the dinner, your cheesecake was wonderful too.

  4. Looks like a great day was had by all. Those wings sure do look good. A big HELLO to all those involved.

    1. Thanks Dee and Mike will pass it in. The wings excellent.

  5. i have an unopend bottle of the Anchor Bar wing sauce, home of the original! A nice gathering like yours and I'd open it. Another great day for you.

    1. Make my own extra hot sauces for my wings and love it everyone else I think ate theirs plain.
      Has been over 20 years since we have been to the Anchor bar and really enjoyed their wings there.

  6. Another great day with friends. Nice that you are all together but still have your own space and time to do whatever you want.

    1. It was a wonderful day here and fun with our friends as well.


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