Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, August 06, 2018

Leaving the Ridge with good friends and back to Plattsville for a bit.

Where are we today ? 
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   Another warm night  but cool  enough for sleeping. With the windows open and Fantastic fan running. Up nice and early for some computing and a pot of coffee made then a short walkabout down the lane and back. We secured our coach said our see ya laters to Bill and Patsy and pulled out at 8:15 this morning.
Love the views across their pond here
leaving the Ridge here Bill and Patsy's
wonderful summer place
Just us and them here , now we leaving them, they can get back to normal
Clemson will wonder where everyone is?
      First stop was the Durham Conservation area  to dump our sewage and refill our fresh water tanks, quite reasonable only $11;50 . We were in and out of there in no time and heading south back to Plattsville. No traffic at all taking the back country roads , pretty good for holiday Monday here, but we were early in the day. Arrived in Plattsville at 10:30 this morning. All set up and relaxing in this very hot weather once again, at least we found a shady spot with a nice breeze.
shady spot with a breeze under the willow tree
     Then the weather started about 2 pm , lightning, thunder and rain, Nice to enjoy it under our awning outside. Nothing too drastic.

we did have some weather
      About 3 pm daughter number one arrived with the grands and their dog Fergie.
They here!
         Now today is a birthday for Grandson number 3 he is 12 years old today. Very Nice that we can actually see him on his birthday. And give him his card and gift on time.
today is his birthday 12 years old!
here we all are except me of course having a very nice visit
this be their puppy a Golden Doodle
we were comfy under our awning with only a few drizzles
       After a few snacks we ordered in a couple of pizzas to take care of supper. the only option here in a small town on a summer holiday Monday.
the pizzas were quite tasty and did the trick for a hungry bunch
tasty and filling
Grand daughter #1 enjoying her Mardi Gras beads
such a beautiful smile and fun loving girl
don't tickle 
SIL and the boys playing frisby 
          Ok now it is Bubble blowing time. Fergie likes the bubbles too.
the boys too old to care
Look grandad more bubbles 
           Soon it was time for them to head on home they still have another 90 minute drive and they do have to work tomorrow.  It was avery nice visit glad that we could hook up again over the summer, Like we said even a short visit is better than no visit glad that we could do it again.
Fergie strapped in and ready to go
even has some beads too
        We had a wonderful day visiting with the family a rare treat for us.
        Nice to be back here at Camp awesome for a few days and relaxing before moving on out again.
        Thanks for stopping on by an dehire you enjoyed you day as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Welcome 'home'! the grands are looking great, has to be fun with family around. Is that bucket there to capture rain from the awning? How about a Frisbee Golf bucket or two ... even a course! ... on all that lawn area?

    1. Thanks Jeff, nice to be here for a bit again. It iOS fun when the family can come bu for a visit, Yes the bucket is for rain waterI use it for washing the coach.
      Now the frisbee golf bucket sounds like a fun idea. Would need more buckets to have a course, but would be fun.

  2. Great looking family, your granddaughter has such beautiful hair. And that pizza looks so good

    1. Thanks Jo, she sure does have beautiful hair. The pizza was very tasty and did the trick.

  3. Take out pizza is a fine way to feed a group especially with kids.

    1. Then pizza did the trick for us today with a drop in visit and everyone loved it.

  4. Great photos of the grands ... love that expression ... and the bubbles!! I haven't tried pizza on the bbq. Guess I'll have to find a bake-your-own.

    1. Thanks Nancy she is a cutie, love her hair .
      Pizza on the Weber works good if you have a pizza stone, other wise it may burn the bottom.

  5. Looks like another wonderful day! Always fun to spend time with family! Your grandkids are adorable. Those boys remind me of my grandsons...those looks..haha..granddaughter is just too cute! She looks like she has quite the personality! Pizza looks awesome and really hit the spot i'm sure!

    1. Thanks Guys always nice to see them when we can.
      She does have a very nice personality to go with her red hair.
      The pizza hit the spot.

  6. Glad to hear you had a wonderful day with the grandkids and family. Your granddaughter is a little hippie, I love that free style! Nice that the day came together and pizza the perfect resolution with most things closed on the holiday.

    1. It was a wonderful so nice to see them again. She is a free spirit for sure.
      The pizza worked for us and we all got fed.

  7. A perfect time with the family. Happy birthday to GS#3!


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