Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Attempted camera repair, another nice hot day and relaxing in the shade, last day here.

Where are we today ?
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    More hot weather on its way here again, only a short walkabout this morning then thought I would see if I could make one good camera out of 2.  neither one works good and I want to buy a new one anyway, so what  do I have to loose?
     My short walkabout down the laneway and up to the corner was enough for me, I wanted to get at the cameras...
the cows just grazing in the field
the Baptist Church at the corner
      On a my way back Bill is working on his shed , he wants to get it done.
looking good
     Now I wanted to attack the cameras to see what I could maybe fix?
both cameras apart and swap the LCD screens 
looks pretty easy until I tried to reconnect the tiny wires
soon together and a test
     Well the first test worked great . can see the pictures I am taking But the controls do not work. No zoom, no settings, no controls. Hmm maybe the wires are not fully connected. So I tried some more, still no controls and now the LCD does not work!  Ok now I officially have two (2) scrap cameras. Hey at least I tried before taking them to the dumpster .
    In the meantime our good friend Rob came back with his computer and iPad for Suzie to load some books for him, they played with that for a while, I don't know the final outcome , But eventually Rob left, hooked up their trailer and headed back home.
Suzie and Rob computing
      Last time we saw Rob and Pat I showed him the broken part for our electric step and he brought it home and did a very nice weld job on it so looks like we have a spare. Thanks Rob (Sparky) for the nice welding job
        Bill was at a standstill on his shed for now so he hopped on his mower to cut some grass. This guy cannot sit still.
Bill having fun mowing the lawn
Rob and Pat's trailer heading on out
Just us and Bill and patsy left here
so quiet
       Got an allert on my phone for Heat warning, feels like 100F (38C) but we not too bad here with some shade and a light breeze.
        I checked our tire pressures to get ready to head out in the morning and put a few things away we don;t need.
yes its pretty warm
    We enjoyed our quiet time here In the shade just the 2 of us immersed in out page turners, perfect weather to read outside.
     Bill and Patsy went to her sisters for a dip in the pond and back to hang their suits on the line.
they had a refreshing dip
     Being about 92 f inside our coach Suzie wanted our AC on so fired up our jenny and the controller is not working again! So while supper getting ready to cook I cleaned the contacts again and eventually the thermostat worked and we turned on both our Ac,s in no time it was very comfortable inside as the outside temps dropped as well.
grilled a couple of boneless pork chops
to go with our salad
sure was a tasty meal
   After supper , dishes done and our Weber Q store away we chatted with Patsy and her sister Donna for a bit.
     The guys came back in the much cooler evening amor to get more done on  Bills shed
looking good think the roof will be done tonight
    Then we just enjoy this wonderful warm evening reading some more outside until 9 pm, time for us to head inside for the night. After enjoying a wonderful sunset.

what a perfect ending to a wonderful day

  A great day we had here enjoying some fun times with our friends, heading out first thing in the morning back down the road.
   A huge thanks to Bill and Patsy for putting top with us for our stay here at this amazing place here on the Ridge with our good mutual friends.
   Thanks for dropping on by.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. I think we might be having the same problem with our wall mounted thermostat. I will have to take the cover off and have a look-see!

    1. Have done this a few times over the years,spray with electrical contact cleaner work the buttons for a while let sit about and hour and works, sometime I have to do it a few times.

  2. You've got more nerve than me, taking those cameras apart. It's too bad they didn't work. Bill's shed looks really nice. It even has insulation! That's pretty fancy!! Safe travels on your way home and stay cool!!

    1. Thanks Nancy the shed it taking shape and will look wonderful.
      The cameras were not much good the way they were to was worth shot.

  3. Bill's shed could double as his 'man cave', nice porch and insulation too. Would have been quite a rewarding feeling to have been able to fix your beloved camera. Continued safe travels!

    1. I know his Man Cave will be for working on his RC planes more room than his trailer. The porch will be for Patsy I think.
      Would have been nice to fix at least one camera, but guess it was not meant to be.
      Thanks Jeff

  4. Too bad about the cameras but at least you tried. Now to decide what to get. You all have had a lovely time at The Ridge and that's so nice. Bill's shed is coming together nicely, love watching it being built. Great sunset pics!

    1. Ibtried with the came5as really had nothing to loose. I know what a want a very similar one it is pretty rugged, dust proof, waterproof and drop proof and take pretty good pictures.
      The shed will soon be done then he can fix up the inside

  5. As a kid, I was really good at taking things apart. Not very good at putting them back together…


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