Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring time Yeah! And dinner will friends and fellow bloggers.

Where are we today ?
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     A bit cooler over night but the sun rose and gonna be another wonderful sunny day again. Got a few walkabouts enjoying the fresh air. and just puttered around for most of day. Got some outside reading done enjoying the sunny warm weather. Then because we are heading out in the morning, checked our tire pressures, dumped our tanks, stored our Weber Q (don't need it tonight) and disconnect the water then hooked up our car.
      My first morning walkabout as the sun came up was nice but windy did get a few nice shots, of the sunrise. Then Suzie and I discussed some possible travel plans for this coming year, nothing carved in stone just throwing around ideas.
a few nice sunrise shots
      Then a couple of trees with spring blossoms.
           I made a quick trip to town to Davids's grocery store for some Frio light beer that we like and can only find in Texas, plus a few groceries. A nice light beer 93 calories, 4% alcohol and 2.8 carbs. Wish we could find it in other states and it is almost $10.00 cheaper than other ones in the area.

in the historic downtown Glen Rose a nice close up view of the water tower.
love these cowboy boot planters 
             Before I dumped our tanks went in to have a shower, now here I am all ready to step in the shower and NO water ! Hmm the park has shut down the water for a repair probably. Not a problem just turn on our water pump, One we reason always make sure we have fresh water in our tanks, over the years we have run into this issue many times, always nice to be prepared.
      That taken care of back to reading again, A bit later the water came back on so just added a bit more fresh water for our journey tomorrow don't need to fill it just enough water to get us by.
finished page turn and began this one above
a perfect sunny warm day
     Back on Dec 1st 2013 we checked out the Fossil Rim Wildlife Centre just out of Glen Rose, what a fun interesting day that was, if you care you can check out this posting right HERE . A drive through this game reserve with lots of interesting animals roaming around some coming right up to the car sticking the heads in the windows, too cool.
      A bit later our friends Sharon and Bill came to visit and we discussed a place to go for dinner.
     We first met Sharon and Bill she is the Blogger The Odd Essay right here Dec. 2nd 2013 you can check that posting by clicking HERE if you wish. Her last posting so far was in August 2017. We have kept in touch over the years and she sent us an email a while ago to see if we would be here in Glen Rose about this time, and as luck would have it we had planned our stay here for a week.
      They arrived at our site just before 6 PM and we decide on a Mexican Restaurant in town. We all love Mexican, they just spent the winter there at their house. So nice to see them again a few hugs and away we go into town for a feast. Casa Azteca Mexican Bar and grill a pretty busy place but we were seated right away and and had great service . Reasonably priced and such a nice selection of real Mexican food, no Tex mex..
gotta have nachos and a nice salsa
and of course Mexican beer
     Settled in with Sharon and Bill we tried to get caught up as much as we could, enjoyed a wonderful tasty meal and took some home of course. Really so wonderful to be able to catch up with them again after so many years, almost like we just saw them the other day. A couple of hours just flew on by but soon time to say our see ya laters until the next time. 
Sharon and Bill
Chicken chimichanga for me
beans rice and a salad
chicken quesadilla for Suzie, beans rice and salad
      All our meals were excellent , conversation even better, but time for us to head home , wrap up our day and get ready to hit the road in the morning
this was the restaurant 
     Another fun day here in Texas, very nice sunny weather and meeting up with friends again catching up and a very tasty dinner.
     Thank y'all for joining us today.Hope you enjoyed your day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Really liked you second picture of the sunrise reflecting on the water with the colorful rays. Sounds like you had a good time and meal with special friends.
    Safe travels as you continue your trek back to Ontario.

    1. Thanks Guys so many scenic views right here in the campground. It was a wonderful day again and extra special seeing Sharon and Bill again what a super couple they are

  2. Dinner looked awesome and how nice to meet up with friends! Your park is very nice, great views. Travel safe today!

    1. Thanks guys.
      Dinner was awesome and catching up with Bill and Sharon again was a real bonus as well.

  3. How nice that you were able to connect with friends again and share a meal together.
    Have a safe travel day!

    1. Thanks Patsy,
      It was so much fun to connect with our friends again and enjoy a tasty meal

  4. We had a great time... enjoyed seeing you two again. Talking about all the bloggers we know was such fun... kinda inspires me to get my blog up and running again. Thanks for revising your route to Glen Rose... we'll have to do it again another time. Safe Travels!

    1. Thanks Sharon, it was great time and to catch up again after so many years. Would be nice to see you blogging again have been missing your postings. Hopefully we can connect again in the nearer future.
      Safe travels for you this summer and enjoy your new adventures.

  5. The blooming trees here are at the same stage as there.

  6. Those trees!!!! Dinner looked good ... I love Mexican food!!

    1. Thanks Nancy, the Mexican food a real treat for us as well.

  7. The Fossil Rim Wildlife Park looks like a very nice place to me for a visit. Probably not a good idea to have dogs in the truck when going there. You guys have friends all over the place. How nice to meet up.

    1. It is a wonderful place to visit no dogs not a good idea think they are not allowed.
      We have met a lot of people in our travels over the years.

  8. Glad to see that sharon and bill are well. I've been folowing their blog for some time and was concerned that sharon hasn't posted in several months.

    1. Yes they are doing just fine,both of them just as spry and ever.


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