Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Roadrunner sighting this morning. A very short drive to a new campsite today, and a couple more small issues taken care of.

Where are we today ? 
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         Last night was I think our coldest all winter. Just after 4 am in was 26F (-3C),  Got a few nice walkabouts this morning even though cool no wind and the rising sun was wonderful.
this guy just enjoying the campground
probably looking for a bunny for breakfast
we had a heavy frost,
but soon the sun melted it away
sunrise shining on the mountains west of us
           On one of my walks I passed Bill and Patsy walking Clemson ( or Clemson walking them), chatted with them for a few minutes said our see ya laters, then they carried on. Waiting until 9 and when the office opened to pay their electric and head out on the road again. Was great seeing you guys again,  safe travels . They pulled out  at 9:12 am as Patsy sent us a text, We had to move sites today as we are extending our stay and were moving on to their vacated site, thanks guys. All secured and ready for the long drive was on our new site by 9:20.
Bill, Clemson and Patsy
Clemson gets a good bye hug from Suzie
           While enjoying the fresh air I almost walked right into a Roadrunner just casually sauntering around the campground. Not afraid of me and only a couple of feet away.
love watching these guys
        Pulled into this site another nice one lotsa room, Now before we set up I wanted to change the slide out switch. So with the slide closed and batteries turned of. I remove the switch. 
old switch still works but intermittently
6 wires on this so I marked them and changed them over
20 minutes and done
       This now this works perfectly. They did not have a white switch just this black one, and it was exactly the same part number, we don't care the color as long as it works. Of course I kept the old one just in case, Then  I went back to RV City next door to let the fellow know it worked and how much do I owe you, He shook my hand and said don't worry about it! The price was right. Love all the great service and deals  we have been getting on the road this winter.
this be the place friendly staff
        While I was doing this Suzie took here laptop into Best Buy to drop it off for them to install the new monitor cable. Should be done tomorrow we hope. After lunch another couple walkabouts then enjoyed this wonderful warm sunny day outside.temps in the high 60's with only a light breeze. Perfect weather ! Enjoying our e-readers  warm weather and fresh air. Read a bit , walk a bit what a great day after the cool couple of windy days we had.
love these Arizona Skies
         Soon time to whip up supper a couple of lean boneless pork chops that I like to do on the grill mat keeps them from drying out and keeps the grill clean.
not long and they are perfect, moist, tasty, tender and juicy 
added to our salad topped with some Kale chips
      Right as we finished supper I managed to get the sun setting not as nice as camping in the open desert but was still there.
      Then a bit later I began working on this posting looking out the dinning room window and the full moon is rising. What another wonderful sight to see. Lighting up the night no flashlight needed tonight.
         Another great day got relocated, and a few more things taken care of.  Staying here a few more days, then should be ready to get back on the road again, that hitch itch is coming back again.
        Glad you dropped by for a visit and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Glad your move was safe. Such a long drive you had!!!

    Happy to hear the switch works well. The price was excellent. Probably was happy to get rid of ONE switch kicking around.

    Great roadrunner pictures.

    Enjoy your last few days there.

    1. LOL it was a very long drive. Switch works good and will take it for free no problem.
      The weather is better now so all will be good.

  2. Wonderful that the 6 pin switch for the slide out worked and just fabulous that they did not charge you. I wonder, would we get that kind of service in Canada?

    1. Glad it works better now and the price was right.Not likely get that service back home

  3. My slide switch is intermittent too. I'll have to try and replace while I'm close to a large city where I can find parts. Wouldn't want it to quit working while the slide is out.

    Not much of a move, but now you're set for a few more days.

    The weather in the Phoenix area is finally starting to warm up. Glad for that. Ready for the 70s again.

    That roadrunner made it easy. Never been able to catch one on camera yet. Too fast for me 😂,

    1. It was an easy fix just wanted to make sure the slide was in though we not stuck some where. The site we were on wa reserved for the weekend because we were supposed to leave. Not a big deal for us to move, not much else planned for the day.
      We have managed to get a few roadrunner pictures this winter, they slow down for us.
      Nice that things are warming there about the same here as well.

  4. Glad you were able to sort that switch before you ran into trouble with it. Love those roadrunners, so cute. Don't over do it on the driving there George! Glad you were able to get their spot once they pulled out, worked out well.

    1. It was nice to get it sorted out, The roadrunners are so much fun to watch. Now resting up for a few long travel days soon.

  5. GREAT roadrunner pics. I love it when they come right up close!! You must be at a higher elevation than I. It only got down to 32 here.

    1. Thanks Nancy we have had the up close a few times this winter.We are about 1.200 feet higher in elevation than you are. ## this morning, much warmer.

  6. Very short travel day for you..haha.How nice they didn't charge you for the have met some nice businesses this year. Dinner looked awesome and that moon was sure beautiful!

    1. Not a problem for us , another new campsite that is very nice as well, new neighbours again, bonus.
      We have come across some very nice businesses, the smaller towns you sure meet some wonderful people.

  7. Your temps are too cold for me, 64 here in Hudson, Florida this morning. I also had to replace the slide switch a couple of years ago.

    1. Only cold for a couple of days pretty nice now. Things do need fixing no matter where you live , this switch was an easy fix.

  8. We were only too happy to leave the site for you as it meant we were coming to this beautiful park. :)
    Nice to see you got your switch 'switched' out and all is good again. HOping Suzie's laptop doesn't take too long, not likely more than a day. The Geeks are very good at what they do.
    Love the roadrunner pictures, I didn't get that close to one on the ground. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

    1. Nice that you moved along and got a wonderful site there. Love that area too. We just keep adjusting our plans as we travel, We still have lots time.
      Computer ready for pickup, just waiting until they open. We have been lucky this winter seeing lotsa roadrunners.

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks easy job done and another issue taken care of.

  10. If you don't mind, I would like to hear how you come up with all those great salads. Thank you.

    1. No problem Barney pretty easy just need the fresh veggies the recipe his on my side bar under our Our daily salads or you can click this link
      I make my own dressing but you can buy healthy ones you like and of course add what you like to the salad as well. very good for you take a few minutes to put it together but we do have the time and enjoy it. You can spend more money and buy package salads but I like to make my own
      Hope that helps make a big salad and a it will fill you uo.

  11. Thank you very much. That helps me a lot.


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