Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Cooler overcast day, corned beef and cabbage dinner perfect!

Where are we today ?
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       Much cooler last night about 37F at 5am. With a mostly overcast day and possible rain showers.
       On my first walkabout at 7:30 getting some fresh air and exercise it was a cool breeze and of course  I spotted Patsy on her walk as well, And our supper plan came to my head, I think better on these walkabouts. The lightbulb came on💡A supper plan.
interesting sunrise
a nice reflection in the pond
Patsy spotted these birds below
some white Egrets there
nice to see them
I even spotted some Blue herons as well,
flying and landing hard to see in the pictures
           Thinking ahead about supper, thought it would be a good day to cook our Corned beef and Cabbage dinner (a late St. Patrick's day meal) inside in our ancient Crock Pot. Just because we can. So I got it ready at 8am loaded the cooker with Onions, carrots, celery, potatoes and the corned beef on top, water, cider vinegar and the spice packet, on high for most of the day, at 1 pm I added the cabbage and just let it go for the rest of the day, about 2 pm turn to low, is pretty well done. Smells pretty yummy in our house today ! The slow cooker is a great way to cook this and so easy. I have done it on our Weber in the past and was excellent for that recipe you can click HERE . Also have done in our pressure cooker, that works very well too. Or you can boil it on a stove top.
only 2 lbs but a good price
just enough for us
my Antique crock pot
still does the trick
        After lunch a nice walkabout but still a cool breeze though and only 64F. I got chatting with the friendly lady that works in the office Margie (hope I spelled right).She has been reading our blog and even showed the owner Robert, she asked about some tips and ideas she is starting a blog for this park. Gave her a few ideas and we chatted, what a super lady she is. They have been camping here for years and like us love this park and the area.
     Then another short walkabout here, love the washrooms that they have refurbished a few years ago.
What a very nice upgrade.
very nice
the showers awesome as well
     Then over to the laundry and exercise room not large but very reasonable and clean, plus the couches and exercise machines, and TV right here as well .
exercise and watch Tv while you do laundry
     This is the view out our dining room
window over the pool, wish it was warmer! 
    We actually got to spend a couple of hours outside reading, out of the winds and a bit sunshine here and there, finally about 4 pm a couple of rain sprinkles so headed inside, But heck we did get to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine for a a few hours.
they did more rock work on the one waterfall yesterday, looks amazing
this will be a very nice area when all done
A bit more sunshine for a few minutes,
the pool looks inviting, but way too cold
     Soon time for supper, we have been smelling this amazing corned beef and cabbage cooking all day. finally we broke down and dived in ! Oh my, so tasty and we even ended up with leftovers, after our feast.
oh yeah Corned Beef, cabbage, carrots and onions
what a tasty meal
         The rain finally began  shortly after 5 pm a bit heavy off and on but we were prepped for it, Supper was tasty and done, no sunset to view tonight but did see some interesting lightning strikes, too fast for pics.
         No complaints here not a perfect day but sill much better than back home, we will take all of this weather we can get. Not too cold, no snow and no tornadoes .
        Wanna thank ya'll for dropping by for a peek, hope you had a great day as well.

 Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ? 
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Thanks for the link to corned beef on the Q. I was thinking of using it to make the meat for tacos, but think I'll stick with the slow cooker. Place a bit in a hot fry pan to crisp, even caramelize for the tacos.

    Your park looks great! lots of variety on the morning walkabout.

    1. Your welcome Jeff, I think for tacos the slow cooker would be best too.
      This is a very nice park, lots of nice scenery.

  2. Yum. I forget to get out the slow cooker sometimes. Perfect rainy day dinner.

    1. The slow cooker is perfect for a meal like this.

  3. Looks like a very nice park. Always nice to be able to sit outside even for a short time. No snow is great but no tornadoes that is the best.

    1. It is a wonderful park another one we really enjoy. Yup no tornadoes is the best.

  4. Those are great pictures of the park George. It's so nice there.
    Dinner looked great..... one of my favorites. It's damp here in Missouri and Misty but better than snow!

    1. Thanks Loree, as you know a very nice park, Damp and misty is much better than snow, for sure, not much better here right now.

  5. I still use my crock pot. The Instant Pot might be the latest thing but there's just something about smelling the food as it's cooking all day long. Besides that, I have it. Yum.

  6. The day turned out much better than we originally thought it was going to be. Loved that we could get outside and enjoy the park. I love walking around here, you never know what you'll see.
    Your corned beef supper looks great! I should look for some, can't say that I've ever bought it!

    1. Lots to see and nice walks around here.
      Love the corned beef oh so tasty.

  7. I've not been a corned beef fan, but yours looks delicious. I may just have to try it. I can't get over how nice that park is!! Great place to hang out.

    1. The corned beef was excellent, cook it a nice long time on a slow cooker, with the spice pack and all covered with water, falls apart. This is a wonderful park and we like it as a free membership campground.

  8. You are a great ambassador for promoting that nice RV park and the pictures show how well it is cared for. I bet if the park management puts you in charge for a potluck get-together or BBQ it would be a huge success!

    1. Thanks Marlene this is a nice park .and we enjoy it here. I have done lots of pot lucks, BBQ's and catering over the years but not much interested anymore. I could do it though, really not that hard to do. We don't much care for going to pot lucks ourselves, depending on how they organize them. One this weekend but we will not go.

  9. Great park George! Glad you are enjoying yourselves! Pics are wonderful especially your corned beef and cabbage! Looks awesome! How nice Margie is bragging about you guys!! :)

    1. It is a very nice park , we enjoy it here and the corned beef was excellent. Margie is a very nice lady here in the park.


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