Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 30, 2018

Sunshine for a Good Friday, great weather, meeting up with fellow rver's and a few picks off my windscreen.

Where are we today ? 
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       Just another great sleep and waiting for the sun to rise. Yes its going to be a sunny day with no rain forecast, gonna love it. Now this is really a Good Friday !
    First walkabout shortly after 7 am I managed a few nice pics of the sunrise for a promised wonderful sunny day. Nothing makes you feel more alive than a warm sunny day.
      Carried on my walk enjoying this warm sunny morning. they have a couple of FAT tire bikes that we can use  if we wish here in the park.
      And I spotted my first Robin this spring, now I know it is spring time!
         Walked by some of the rental cabins and noticed some of the hail damage that they had a while ago, wow the damage is amazing , glad we have not run into it ourselves.
broken window and holes in the vinyl siding
even the air conditioner took a hit
         This morning I made up our Cranberry sauce with Orange zest to go with our Turkey breast for supper. This is so easy and so very tasty for the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
begin the cooking
about 10 minutes later done !
       Right after lunch we took advantage of more of this warm sunny weather, give me a haircut outside, I set up did most of the hair and beard then Suzie comes over to fist all the spots I missed, what team we make! I be good for a while again, until we get back into warm weather.
      I had a request yesterday from Marlene for some pictures of our wind screen that I made for our Weber Q a few years ago. Very easy to make and I just used some scrap metal that I had, and really works like a  charm and only cost me a few bucks.
this sure does the trick when there is a breeze
a piece on the bottom and 2 hinges to fold flat for storage  
hinges for folding
angle brackets and butterfly nuts too assemble quickly

      We are members of RVillage a social media website for Rver's. Have been for over 4 years and have met quite a few Rv'ers when we are in areas that they are and we hook up. So today we met up with David and Cheryl Scoby Rv'rs that have a house in this area. We actually met them last year what a fun interesting couple they are.  They came over for Happy hour at 3 pm and of course the conversation just flows for a couple of hours so much to talk about and so little time.
Cheryl and David
          At 4 pm I fired up our Weber Q and set a turkey breast on my foil lined trivet to grill for an hour or so.
foil lined trivet
this what I call a trivet
a bit more than and hour and the turkey breast was done
and some cabbage wrapped with bacon
seasoned with garlic powder and pepper
it sure was a wonderful tasty super, cranberry sauce
and bacon wrapped cabbage was oh so good
     After supper put our Weber Q away and enjoyed a pretty nice sunset again. What a great way to wind up a perfect warm, almost hot sunny day.
      That was it, we made the most of this wonderful sunshine and enjoyed every minute of it out side, Sure hope you had some sunshine and good weather as well.
       Thank y'all for dropping on by.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. The trees reflecting on the water is beautiful. Always nice to see the first robin, that really does say spring.

  2. Happy Good Friday, guys!
    You've had blinders on! There were tons of robins at that park! ha ha
    Glad you finally saw one! Dinner looks awesome!

    1. Thanks Patsy, Oh I know there is just he first one I got a picture of.
      Dinner was excellent thanks.

  3. Great pictures around the park. Those bikes look like fun, although once the tires were full of mud I doubt I could pedal them.

    Patsy mentioned the numerous robbins in her posts from the park too. Glad folks are seeing them, cause I haven't seen any here. The ducks here are looking for places to nest so you know it's spring.

    Dinner looked wonderful. I never thought about doing the bacon around cabbage. I often add drained diced tomatoes to my cabbage after it's cooked, some times I'll add a few sauteed onions as well. If you like the Rotel brand of canned tomatoes they come with green chili peppers in them, they too would add a bit of a unique flavour.

    Sounds like a pretty perfect day. Glad you enjoyed it!!!!

    1. Thanks Deb I saw Patsy's pictures but this the first one that I got, too busy looking everywhere else I guess. They would be fun I think but they are very heavy
      The bacon on the cabbage was tasty I do like those tomatoes, but not so much Suzie , so I need to keep it Suzie safe.
      It was a perfect day.

  4. Thanks for the closeup pictures of the windscreen, George. That will be a project for Benno to tackle over the summertime so we will have one too when we leave. I always pick up new cooking ideas reading your blog. Hadn't thought of that trivet gadget, but oh so clever.

    1. Your welcome Marlene the windscreen is an easy project to do and so nice to have. That trivet comes handy for certain items, just like the grill mat does, It leaves an air space between the food and the grill, and cooks nicely like an oven.

  5. I've never seen bikes you could use in a park. I'd jump on those immediately!! Love the robin ... no birds here, but the frogs are out in record numbers. I guess maybe it is spring. Dinner looked delicious!!

    1. I was thinking about is but would now rather walk for exercise. Lotsa birds around and the migration is on in full force.
      Dinner was very tasty thanks.

  6. Glad you missed the hail storm, no fun having to find/fix damage on an RV. Enjoy the sunshine and the robins!

    1. Yes Jeff glad we missed it as well, the sunshine we are enjoying for sure.

  7. I sure do miss seeing Robins around here in the spring. Your turkey fixings looks delicious!

    1. Thanks Jo it is nice to see the Robins, and yes the turkey was very tasty.

  8. Happy Easter George and Suzie! We are in Prescott Valley visiting friends and for an escapee rally. Randy can see how to make that windbreaker- Thanks! C sauce looks delish. Safe and happy travels .

    1. Thanks same to you guys as well. Enjoy your rally and the windscreen for your Weber Q.
      The cranberry sauce is excellent you should try it.

  9. I like the morning and evening shots. I cannot imagine the result of me trying to cut my own hair - there would be lots of fixing to be done.

    1. Thank Larry we enjoyed it here too.
      Hey it has been working well for me for over 20 years, why pay the barber when we can to the exact same thing right here when we feel like it.


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