Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wonderful warm sunny and really enjoy it here.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
          Just another great night for sleeping so quiet here and temps down to 40 F overnight, we loving  it!   As usual  I am up early, got breaky (oatmeal), coffees and computing done before the sunrise and my first early morning walkabout. Down by where the 3 rivers meet a great place for a nice sunrise.
what a great way to start the day 
this pic taken a few minutes earlier the the one above
     At 8 am I did a quick to the grocery store in town for a few items checking out the town and back home again.
 a fuzzy pic of the water tower in town kinda cool
     On the way back to camp the back roads just to get a few pics of these very interesting abandoned  old buildings here . Always makes me  wonder what it was like back then, whenever it was an what happened.
      This one below has always intrigued me, what was it and how was it built? Stones. rocks, petrified wood?
      Back home to enjoy more of this wonderful day I am heading out for another walkabout and Suzie wants to join me, Wow that is a bonus! Really loves when she walks with me.
a Lot of trailers like this here HUGE, 2 decks and all that stuff
spring soon here love the blossoms
      We just headed on out for a nice walkabout chatting and enjoying the day , fresh air and sunshine. Was very warm but also very windy, but her the sunshine and 70+ F weather we can enjoy. Also ran not Lamar , of Renea and Lamar that we saw  yesterday s nice to chat with him again !
this is Texas after all
front porch by the office
nice exercise room by the laundry too
old gas staion
     From here we headed for a nice trail along the easy side of the park along the river a very nice walk and scenery.
they have wonderful trails around here to explore
uptake trail back to the camp
check out the pool here
      Information about the pool below is very interesting but in 1919  (99 years ago) Nice to see they still use it in the warmer weather.
it is covered now, but very busy in the summer
we are in Texas so see lotsa Trucks made for Texas
         Now we can enjoy this wonderful warm sunny day only got to 77F (25c) but cooler in the breeze making it quite comfortable. The next few days will be much warmer, can hardly wait!
nice view of the skies and a tree right beside us 
basketball for adults and the little ones too
nice tables by the lodge
inside the lodge
      Enjoying our e-readers I finished the previous  Linwood Barclay novel and left me hanging. But Suzie has this next one downloaded for me .(thanks Suzie for keeping me organized) so I quickly downloaded this to my Kobo and just kept on reading. But alas time to whip ip supper.
another page turner 
         Whipped up a salad and prepped a couple of salmon fillets for the Weber Q. Not too  long and they were done, In the meantime watch another huge rig pull in across from us and get set up.
these trailers are HUGE with 2 fold out patios
salmon done in a few minutes perfectlly
with our salad was more than enough
and very tasty
       Here we are still outside at 7:30 pm enjoy 72f (22c) weather , yes a cool breeze but heck this is March and they still have snow back home. what's not to love about this ? No sunset to see with some cloud cover but we will see many more I am sure.
       Wanna thank y'all for stopping in to enjoy our amazing day with us hope you had a great day too!

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. That is an interesting structure. Wonder what it was. Glad you're having warmer weather. We had a cool spell today. Won't last long though.

    1. I always wonder what that structure was as well love the design.
      Gonna get much warmer here for a few more days.

  2. Looks like a really nice campground.

    1. Yes Larry it sure is Nic large sites that we love and great scenery.

  3. I love imagining what the old buildings were too. That one looked like it was once a very special place. My question is why? Why do they get abandoned like that?
    You are enjoying more great days and more to come!

    1. Thanks for the water tower, those are my favourite!

    2. Your welcome, It is a neat water tower.
      The second building was a apparently a store and a gas station way back when before the main highway came through town.

  4. I'd have to stop and ask someone about that building. What a great piece of art!! You're timing is perfect. It's snowing in upper Arizona and back to cold down here in the south. Those HUGE trailers? Crazy all the stuff they carry around, usually just for the weekend!!

    1. The best info I found was the first one was a hotel, the second a store and gas station. We are having amazing weather here right now. They are massive trailers with so much stuff can't imagine why you need one.

  5. What's the difference of a Texas edition to a regular truck? I am not an early riser but those trails are so inviting that I would make an exception. Neat park to stay at.

    1. A Texas edition of a Ford 150 has a but more chrome and different trim dresses it up a bit for about a $60.00 option. The trails are very nice around here will check out more today. This is a VERY nice park.

  6. Looks like a nice place, lots of big rigs there, interesting decks on them. Love the blossoms, spring is definitely in the air there.

    The stone buildings always fascinate me, and I wonder about their past. Love the pictures.

    Nice that Suzie went walking with you!!


    1. Very large sites here so lots room for big rigs, spring sure is here, loving it.
      Love the old buildings in this area, made with the petrified wood.
      It was very nice to get Suzie out for a walkabout.

  7. That amazing ruin is known locally as both Outlaw Station & Sycamore Grove. As you mentioned in a comment above it was a gas/service station for many years & legend has it was a speakeasy offering moonshine during Prohibition (hence its Outlaw moniker). It reportedly served as a grocery store for a while after that, too.

    It's heartbreaking that it's not being preserved, but if a building is going to be abandoned, one made out of petrified wood has a better chance than most of staying upright I suppose. And it makes a great subject for photos during bluebonnet season as seen here:

    Here are a couple of short articles about Glen Rose's iconic petrified wood structures from that era:

    Once you realize what you're looking at, you start seeing Glen Rose's petrified wood incorporated in 1920's & 30's era buildings everywhere along the back roads & town squares in that whole region.

    1. Thanks you so much for all that great information I have picked up bits and pieces of it over the years, this is excellent.
      I will pass it on.

  8. That's a very nice park you're in for sure! How nice susie went walking with you! Lots to keep you busy in the park. Beautiful sunrise!

    1. It is a wonderful park that we really love, so niece to get back here again .
      Yes it was great that she joined me ferny walkabout. Not often but always nice.
      Lots to see and do in this area if we wish.


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