Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Relax a bit, get few things done, and enjoying some very warm temps, early spring, yahoo !

Where are we today ?
       Warmer again today but cloud cover this morning so into New Hamburg for and early walkabout, on the indoor track couple miles. The temperatures got up to 18c (64f) not bad at all for this time of year, but much nicer when the sun is shining.
Indoor Kitty (Molly) wanting to
sit on Suzie's lap
       Interesting that she is not a cat person. Suzie being raised on a farm cats lived in the barn to control the rodent population. Plus we are both allergic to cats. but for some reason this one does not seem to affect us ? Maybe we grew out of it? (it's about time ya think?) No carpet in this house either makes a big difference as well.
Molly learning to compute
        On the way back to Tavi took a short walkabout Shakespeare .A tiny village just up the road (population 750) took a couple picks. Mostly Antique stores here that get the tourist people from the big cities coming here for the Shakespeare Festival Theatre in Stratford a few miles west of here. We had been to a few plays there years ago, excellent theatre!
Church in Shakespeare
Antique stores
Tea room
British store
Jonny's Antiques
         After a light lunch we packed up our suits and winter coats to return to a closet at a friends house in Plattsville. I dropped Suzie at her brother's place to visit them and her Dad then picked her up on the way back. Puttered around here for a while enjoying the wonderful warm outside air and a short walkabout Tavistock.
Plattsville water tower for Patsy,
the old one was much nicer
         Soon time to whip up supper. Tonight a tasty salmon filet on the Weber and a healthy salad. Enjoying the warm outside temps.
Pavestone and Golfscapes
Golf scape in their yard
waterfall and pond flowing nicely
sounds wonderful
Weber fired up
cooks like a Weber should
Supper was wonderful
        Now we had a nice almost relaxing day, just getting things done here and enjoying the mild temperature. Just wish there was more sunshine. Soon we be back down south.
          One more day here then we can hop on a plane and head back to our house at Pilot Knob Resort in Winterhaven California. Ray and Cindy of Ray and Cindy's RV Travels (fellow bloggers we met a couple times this winter) are so kind to pick us up at the airport and take us to our car that is parked at their resort. 
         Then to Pilot Knob where we will get a couple repairs done on our coach and begin our slow journey back here to Ontario.
          Just want to thank y'all for stopping by again and really hope you had a wonderful day as well.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. I know this trip was neither expected nor with joy... but with your attitude about life, you've certainly managed it well. Have only the best wishes for you both and wishing safe travels back to the southwest and wherever after. Hope to catch up with you again one of these days....

    1. Thanks Sharon, sure hope we can meet up again, we had such a short fun visit a few years ago,

  2. So, my husband and son are allergic to cats but some don't bother them either. We all love cats and dogs. They make up our families.

    Safe travels as you head back to your motorhome parked in Arizona!

    1. They can be great family members.
      Thanks we are looking forward to home again.

  3. I used to be violently allergic to cats and now we have two, go figure! Our cats are great campers too, they travel well in the Roadtrek. Sue needs a kitty!

    1. I remember your allergies sis. Funny how things change.
      That depends on Suzie whether she wants a Kitty or not.

  4. Thank you for the Plattsville tower George, there are definitely some that lose their 'flavour' when updated. :) Love the church, that is the way a church should look.

    1. Yes they do lose their flavour, just like new houses, churches and cars.

  5. You're returning not a moment too soon. Since you broke up your U.S. stay, can you stay a bit longer to make up the time spent back home?

    1. Actually we cannot stay longer, we need to be need out of the USA for more than 30 days, to count as time out. Dumb law but that's the way it is and we don't want to be denied entry by breaking the rules.

  6. Wishing you a good return trip to the US southwest.

  7. Small town Ontario is so pretty, we must go tour that someday. Congrats on the one million!

    1. Thanks you.
      Lots of nice small towns and villages, that we love.

  8. I'm surprised at the lake of snow. Time sure flies as hard to believe it's time for you to head back to Canada.


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