Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 18, 2016

Ajo Copper mine.

Where are we today ?
Why Az
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        After a late night last night I did not get my blog posted , but got that done this morning first this morning. If you missed it click HERE it was an amazing day !
         Got my walkabout done by 8 am here in the desert and spotted the Cattle beast roaming the free range here kinda cool.
cow's roaming here
finally spotted the,
          Enjoy the early morning weather and an ultralight flew overhead, It would be a wonderful view I am sure.
        Then shortly after 9 am headed into Ajo just cause we could. Want to check out the town and the town square.
vistor center and old train station
         We walked around the square taking in the sites. beautiful green lawn and a couple churches here as well.
       Then a few blocks to check out the open pit copper mine it is now  the New Cornelia  Branch of the Phelps Dodge Corporation. This mine was started in 1854 and closed in 1984. It is amazing to see this huge hole in the ground and the surrounding areas. The  huge hole os over 1 mile in diameter and 1100 feet deep. They raped this land for over 100 years. You can read a bit more but clicking HERE . The viewing platform was no open yet.
google earth photo
     Then to the visitor centre  but they were not open yet either.
visitor centre
       Then after a quick stop for groceries headed back  home for lunch.
this white mountain is the finings  after the copper
was smeltered, white powder coveredwith soil so
it would not blow around
        Back home for lunch and putter around enjoying this amazing weather.
         This table below is Suzie's foot stool, last night it passed away so I made it like new again.
       And today  4 pm Happy hour with George. Then fire up our Weber Q to grill a couple chicken legs and thighs I picked up .79 cents a lb can't beat that !
got some more Butt Rub from George so the
chicken was amazing again
Thanks George
chicken and salad , love it
and of course a desert sunset to end another perfect day
       Thanks again for stopping on by. We on the road in the morning to Benson// St David AZ for a few days.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. While we were there we attended the Ajo Baptist Church then had lunch at a real nice little deli at the square. We ate it outside while we "people watched" I'm enjoying your blogs around this area that we love so much.

    1. The square is so inviting and town quite interesting.

  2. I love the center of Ajo. It is so Spanish looking and invites to just relax on one the benches around. Also, we enjoyed the murals in town. A wonderful place for sure.

    1. The town is a very interesting place for sure.

  3. We've been through Ajo several times but haven't taken the time to play tourist ... it seems we've always been on the way somewhere else. That's probably our loss.

  4. Enjoying your strolls around town. The churches are so neat looking.

    1. Thanks for joining us it is a pretty town.

  5. Gotta love those clear skies. Just amazing.

  6. The weather has been perfect...enjoy!

  7. Ajo is a little place but a really pretty place. I love the church.

    1. It is a wonderful small town, very scenic.

  8. A penny for your thoughts on that copper mine... :cD

    1. Lotsa pennies came out of there that's for sure.


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