Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Heading home with a low start, enjoying this weather while we can.

Where are we today ?
Fortuna De oro Resort
clic on the pic to enlarge it
      As usual up early and got a nice walkabout as the sun came up. Loving this weather. Puttered around secured the coach, said see ya later to Denis and Sandi then headed on down the road shortly after 9 am. Only going 24 miles.
        Stopped at the flying J on the way fueled the coach and topped up our propane, we will be good to go for a while now.    
love this towed
1956 chevy
      Check into the resort shortly after 10 ad got a nice site. Mind you they 1, 293 sites here and most are about the same.
         Not our style of camping but free is free with full hookups. We got a coupon at the Rv show in Quartzsite, No obligation and no presentation. We will take it, besides it's on our way home.
        Set up in no time and can take it easy.
nice site
      This pace is HUGE , large paved  roads nice patios, and 50 amp service all inlcuded.
       Headed out for a walkabout after lunch.  Past the tennis courts, pickle ball courts, horseshoe pits, Bocce ball, shuffle board, etc...
amazing washrooms
     Then down by the pool area, couches, shade, chairs  entertainment, bar, you name it all here.
bar $2.00 drinks
exercise room
  A few sculptures, restaurant and saloon. Everything here if you need it. We don't need it.
the foothills not far away
      Then enjoyed some wonderful flowers in bloom, spring time here in Arizona.
        Now home again enjoying the shade and our e-readers on a quiet warm afternoon.
its nice Suzie in shorts
        I check out the Happy hour by the pool, they have everyday, with live entertainment with 2 dollar drinks at the bar. Some people dancing on the dance floor even some in the pool too. We don' need that peace and quiet is wonderful.
the band was pretty good

Reading in the shade then time to fire up our Weber Q. Tonight grill a couple bone in chicken breasts and add to a tasty salad.
    Yep was tasty and lotsa leftovers too.
was a nice short drive
24 miles
      Now we here for 3 nights then head on down the road. Relaxing along the way.
       Glad that you stopped by and said HI.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Looks like the resort we stayed at free a few years back. Not our style at all either. We felt a bit uncomfortable.

    1. Much too fancy and and large for us, but we will enjoy the peace and quiet and sunshine,

  2. It's nice to be able to stay in parks like that for a few nights but I prefer the smaller ones too. Stay safe!

    1. The smaller the better for us too. Plattsville only had a population of 700 when I moved there, that's our style.

  3. The two other couples joining our motorcycle ride call Fortuna de Oro their winter home. And we had dinner at the resort restaurant last night. Our motorcycle group leaves today (Momday) for the Pacific coast. Enjoy your stay.

    1. Small world ! Too bad we missed you we are on site 985, was down to check out that very restaurant yesterday afternoon to check it out.

  4. And it was free? That's a fancy place to stay...

  5. That park is too big for me. I get lost in just little ones, in that park I might never be seen again! ;c)

    1. We agree not our style, we got lost just trying to find the office to check in !
      But free is free.


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