Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Oktoberfest and our second Thanksgiving get together in two days.......

Where are we today ?
         A nice short country side drive about 8 o'clock this morning, came across a cool Mennonite Taxi cruising on down the road, not sure where the men were going maybe off to work?
       Then back home to whip up a pot of Ham Bean soup, from that leftover ham bone the other day, as if we needed more food! But can always freeze the soup.
        Got that all going well then headed into Kitchener to meet up with Daughter one and two, their spouses and 5 of our grandchildren ages 4 to 9 years old. We are meeting at the Concordia Club in Kitchener  home of the second largest Oktoberfest in the World since 1967. Today is Family day here with children under 16 admitted free and lots of games for the children, face painting, galleries and dancing. And also a few dancers from the Oktoberfest parade this morning putting on shows as well. The Concordia Club has a seating capacity close to 4,000 people and is one a more than a dozen Festhallen here in the Kitchener /Waterloo area. 
         I remember the days over 40 years ago when us young party people used to go from hall to hall consuming adult beverages and partying all night long for the 10 days of this event. Then for quite a few years with my children on Family days after the parade for an couple hours. This year they requested to go back again and bring their children, because they had so many great memories of this event. The halls open at 11 am and was a large line up to get in, but we take the tent entrance that not many people use, I guess they like to stand in line.
Souvenir booth not busy yet, but soon!
The Black Forest Band fired right up at 11 am.
          If you pick the right games for children they can play for 1 or 2 dollars and get a prize every time.
Games to play before the crowds
We grab a sausage on a bun for a snack
our waitress, in the dress
fresh hot pretzels with mustard dip
getting busy by noon
ring the bell get a prize
        Now on the weekends these FestHalls tend to become great places for people to dance , party and consume large amounts of alcohol, the band encourages it too, so they have a DD program and also free bus rides home every 15 minutes from the fest halls.
Free bus rides from the Fest Halls these 4 days
face painting
game gallery getting busy 
like this game? Toilet paper toss.....
our Granddaughter loves to dance,
not so much the 4 boys
Dance floor crowded
the band on huge video screens
Oncle Hans, Oktoberfest Mascot
        Now  enough fun here gotta go visit great Gramma (my mom) first on the agenda clean some pumpkins and remove the "pumpkin brains" so that they can be carved.
we are started
       Then a break to the playground behind grammas backyard, burn off a bit of energy before we eat.
          Now that we have heated up our turkey, fresh cranberries, smashed taters, squash, cauliflower, gluten free dressing, turkey noodle soup, salads, shrimp rings and mom's famous brownies, apple pie, gluten free chocolate cake and gluten free cupcakes for the kids to decorate in a halloween theme. 
          Yep we are having a feast, a get together and a fun social time. 9 more days we hit the road and see every one next year.
lotsa food
        Now its no sit down meal there is 18 of us here so the main reason we do this is to get together at least once or twice a year socialize and while we are at it have a bite to eat. Go grab a plate and a chair somewhere, chat and have fun.
so tasty again
how is that for a custom decorated cupcake ?
          Now that was our second Thanksgiving family get together in two days. It was awesome, and so nice to see everyone again and eat way to much food two days in a row ! Think we will just eat some leftovers for the next couple days and portion down the servings again to smaller than normal.
          Thanks for your visit today, we are moving on down the road in the morning to get our coach serviced in Plattsville and stay at John and Lea's (Camp Awesome) until we begin our southern migration Oct 23rd. Still have loose ends to wrap up yet.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. No sense in not having a Thanksgiving meal every day if you can eat that much or have folks around to share it with. Looks like you've been doing both. A good meal always makes everyone happy.

    1. That right but enough food for a while now, back to reality.

  2. It sure does sound like a great time but I just don't get why it's always the boys who don't like to dance. I married a dancer, thank goodness. That cupcake looks really good.

    1. The boys are too young yet, they will probably get it one day.

  3. You sure know how to celebrate!

    1. We have had an awesome weekend of celebrations, now lets take it easy.

  4. Awesome and fun -filled day!

    Glad you had lots of family time.

  5. It sure was a busy day, but can now take it easy, and get ready to hit the road.

  6. Boy what a party day.... Say, Concordia Club ... isn't that a German Club? I know somebody who is a member there.

    1. Yes it is a German Club, Kitchener was a large German community at one time and still has quite a few Geman Clubs here.

  7. Now that was a super busy day, never mind the eating parts of it. You are going to leave everyone with great memories of your visit. Live that last photo of your grandson with the cupcake. He is so good looking.

    1. It was an awesome day and so much fun, the kids don't so much about eating as they do about having fun!

  8. Howdy George,
    Y'all sure know how to celebrate, but in German country everything's a celebration !!! Is that your mom's backyard , with swings or a park next door?? Think I'd cut back on food for a day or two and let my system burn all of the food.. Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY and get on down the road...
    Could you put Bayfield on the map??

    1. That Park is behind my Mom's backyard, great for the grandkids.
      Cutting back is a plan.
      Just zoom in on the map with the + sign to right side of the lake from Bay City Michigan is Bayfield.

  9. Looked like a great time at the Octoberfest hall, and by your writtings and pic's more then enough for the kid's to do. All in all looked like another fanatastic day! Well 7 days till your winter journey begins and a busy rest of the week preparing I bet. Have a great Tuesday!

    1. It was an awesome day, yes we are ready to hit the road, just a few more things to wrap up.

  10. How in the heck did you fit all that in one day! Fantastic!!!

    What a wonderful Oktoberfest celebration. I can see why you would go back for several days. Lots of fun for all ages.

    1. We have the one day to do that and can plan that in no problem, works great.
      So much to do during the 10 days here can accommodate anybody.


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