Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

The heat and humidity came back, but got things done early in the day and relaxed in the shade.

Where are we today ? 
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      Just more of the same here, lotsa heat and humidity, but we have not needed our air conditioner again yet !  Until tonight. Cool last night for sleeping with a light breeze and windows open.
       After a couple miles walked about town at 6 am,  I hopped in the car to pick up our mail. We have a check from the insurance company to pay us back for our accommodation, (11days) meals AND groceries while we had the accident damage repaired on our coach, Bonus ! Money back in the bank again. Sure do love this insurance company, (Wayfarer) no hassles at all and no rate increases either after all these years and our claims.
      Nice back road country drive to Dennis and Sandy's for the cheque then to New Hamburg to the bank.
love these country roads so peaceful
        Back home in lotsa time and enjoyed a light tasty lunch. About 11:30 (before it gets too hot I hopped on the mower to finish of the last couple acres here,  done in one hour..
yup needs cutting back here
     Just after noon mowing done, I walked back home, relaxed in the shade for a bit and we both jumped in the pool to cool down, Oh that was refreshing!
nice here with our sunshade up
           Even pulled out our Antique fan that was Suzie's Grammas just for a bit more air flow was perfect.
when was the last time you saw one of these?
    Enjoying our e-readers in the shade , lotsa water consumed , and had to go to fill our 5 gallon jug of RO water, (just around the corner at the Home Hardware here in town) we sure consume a lot of it in this weather.
    Soon time for supper and tonight some fish and chips made right here, We have some leftover baked potatoes in the fridge so I cut them up to fry in our fry daddy ( they actually came out pretty good) Then some cod fish fillets fried in our Fish Crisp ( Garlic and butter mix) all done to perfection.
keep the fries warm in a pan on our Weber Q while the fish is frying
was very tasty and light
     It is still very hot and humid at 7 pm 88F with the humidex feeling like 104F so we again disconnect from power and fire up our genny for an hour or so, both air conditioners running they quickly drop the inside temps and take the humuodty out of the air.
      While this was happening whipped up dishes and we can enjoy a nice outside breeze in the shade finish this posting and more reading, just because we can,
     That was another wonderful day we have enjoyed here at Camp Awesome, hope y'all enjoyed your day as well wherever you are . Thanks for dropping by and once again hope our American friends enjoyed their July 4th celebrations.

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Where have we been this summer?


  1. The humidity has been bad here also. Tom turned the air on out in the Stinger "B" yesterday and I did some rearranging and downsizing out there. A change of scenery so to speak...LOL Plus the bonus it was cool.

    Love that old fan.
    Stay cool.

    1. Nice that your could have a change of scenery, accomplish some downsizing and stay cool all at once, Think it may cool down a bit for a while.
      You guys stay cool as well.

    2. Glad you got some chores done there George and great to get the insurance check so quickly. It is nice when it cools down at night so we can turn our AC off. Although I don't worry about it too much, our Hydro bills are so low up here. Stay cool and enjoy the days.

    3. Yes Patsy was nice to get those things taken care off,and keeping comfortable as well.

  2. What a nice day for you two. Even better to get the refund check so quickly! I would guess that your insurance company is based on you being a full timer and that was your home that was being repaired? So that is nice. Dinner looked delicious and a dip in the pool, thats refreshing!

    1. It was a wonderful day. The refund was nice and yes we have full timer's insurance.
      And the pool sure is nice with this hot weather .

  3. I never thought about putting a fan outside. What a good idea!! Dinner looks yummy!!

    1. The outside fan gives us a bit more air movement cooling things down nicely.
      Dinner was excellent thanks.

  4. Good job on the quick cheque return. Still waiting on ICBC out here for our Mexico insurance refund re the RV and the Jeep. I guess I better give them a phone call. Hope your weather gets back to normal soon. Sad to read about the weather related deaths in Quebec.

    1. We have been very happy with this insurance company, no problems at all.
      The weather related deaths in Quebec are bad for sure.

  5. It's finally getting to be summer on the coast! Nice to have some clear skies, but do not want your conditions! Glad the insurance came thru so quickly.

    1. Enjoy your summer weather, we are handling this heat no problem. The insurance company did a great job for us.


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